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  1. There have been many moments, however one that comes to mind is the time when myself, Adolf and Desteris (other staff watching), made a player appear to be hacking. This was on the AU Official server and everyone fell for it. We eventually achknowledged the trolling via intercom. Here's a short clip below:
  2. Welcome to the forums mate, can I grab a snag?
  3. I've added another new background in thanks to Ary's suggestion. For the next one i'm looking specifically for an SCP themed one, if you want to edit something you find online that's fine as well.
  4. Hey guys, if you didn't know already you can change the background of your forum by selecting the following: I'm wanting to offer a wider variety of backgrounds so if you have any cool background suggestions please post below! (nothing stupid please).
  5. Welcome to the Pantheon forums, hope you enjoy your time here!
  6. Thread locked, winners have been addressed on Discord.
  7. Mine are pretty common (to lazy to research further) but 1048 and 1471.
  8. Its not automatic and I've assigned you to it now.
  9. Your Donator rank has now been assigned 😃
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