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  1. Sky

    Noclip hacks

    Hey LukeM, I've sent you a friend request on Discord to discuss this report further.
  2. Well since some people are clearly incapable of writing a sentence. Welcome boomer Heinz to the forums! Those hobbies are quite interesting I must admit.
  3. Declined Automatic team kill bans can't be appealed. You will be able to play tomorrow.
  4. Declined You can't appeal a TK ban, please wait it out and you should be able to play tomorrow.
  5. Sky


    Declined Not sure what you were expecting to happen to be honest. You targetted me because of the tag I had. I don't come on the servers to be targetted.. Wait out your ban, it was only 12 hours.
  6. Sky

    Ban Appeal

    Declined Pantheon does not run [US East] SCP:SL Official. TK bans are also a few hours so you can't appeal them.
  7. Declined Please use the format provided if reporting someone.
  8. Declined Hi patz, you were banned for excessive mic spam after a staff member had already warned you to stop. Because you have a history a 1 Day ban was issued to you. If you are going to appeal a ban at least try and gather the actual details and put the effort in.
  9. Accepted As discussed in DMs.
  10. Please follow the format when you're appealing. You cannot appeal a 12 hour ban, just wait it out.
  11. Declined Hello Shoot it with flames, we do not moderate the age of players in-game, we only take action against players breaking the rules within the server. For future reference use the report system we have in place on the Discord.
  12. Accepted We have all agreed on allowing you a final chance, please learn from this and improve upon yourself and the way you act within the Pantheon discord. I'd also like to say Logitar and Desteris did not intentionally target you, they treat every member/donator in the same manner. Your ban has been lifted.
  13. There have been many moments, however one that comes to mind is the time when myself, Adolf and Desteris (other staff watching), made a player appear to be hacking. This was on the AU Official server and everyone fell for it. We eventually achknowledged the trolling via intercom. Here's a short clip below:
  14. Accepted Player has recieved a 2 week ban for his toxic/racist remarks in-game, as well as his large history of warnings.
  15. Videos private, please DM me on Discord. Sky#3902
  16. Sky

    etxi ban appeal

    Accepted Considering it has been long time since your ban we will allow you another chance. However, if you're caught advertising again, you won't be allowed back on Pantheon Servers.
  17. Declined You failed to answer all questions in the appeal template.
  18. Declined This was an hour ban which would have expired by now.
  19. Welcome to the forums mate, can I grab a snag?
  20. Declined You just earned yourself a forum ban.
  21. Declined Hi Pochama, Pantheon leadership have considered your appeal, as you appear to be genuinely sincere in your apology. We are fully aware that you have lots of friends here that would love you to return to Pantheon. That being said, we sadly can't offer you another chance. Your actions brought a lot of negativity, separation, and drama towards Pantheon. When we tried to resolve these problems you acted very immature, and it had taken some time to come to a mid-line, fair agreement. Your ban was a group decision, by all current admins, managers and owners at the time. Since your removal, there has been no major issues within the community, and the staff team has grown to be as close and strong as ever. We can only see allowing you to come back causing more future problems, which we shouldn't need to deal with when trying to run this community. We do hope you understand this was a tough decision, but due to all the above, we must decline your appeal.
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