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  1. Declined As frustrating as these situations may be, this actually does not breach any of our server rules. SCP-079 doesn't need to cooperate with his fellow SCPs, he may chose to side of Chaos/Class-D.
  2. At this stage I am going to be declining your appeal, we issue permanent bans for anyone who advertises within our servers without permission. To assume you wouldn't get punished for this is not really an excuse, this is a standard rule for any game server you play on. You may re-appeal in one months time and we may consider a ban reduction if the appeal is well thought out (I'd also recommend a name change before you do).
  3. Hey mate, Going to be declining this appeal, and I am pretty surprised you didn't even achknowledge what actually occurred in-game. Yourself and another were harassing someone over the sound of their voice, I allowed it at first as it was banter but you managed to take it too far, I spoke to you in the voice chat and mentioned that you were being quite toxic. This continued for a while longer, so taking into the fact you have previous bans for being toxic, you were issued a week ban.
  4. Declined You are using the wrong format for a ban appeal, it also states do not appeal if your ban is 1 day (the ban was actually 3 days btw). Targeted teamkilling reports do not require three sources of evidence if it's NTF killing Scientists, or Chaos killing D-Class, as this can be punished for doing once. You also had a previous ban for targeted teamkilling back in April, hence why you were issued a ban straight away.
  5. You need to follow the format when appealing.
  6. Forum is having issues since the upgrade that commenced yesterday. Nothing I can do to assist you at this stage until I get a response on my support ticket. Edit: Issue is now resolved
  7. This player was already banned today for excessive mic spam within SCP chat. We will be monitoring his behaviour, in future please follow the format when creating a report.
  8. Declined Game bans are not handled by servers, do not re-appeal.
  9. I don't know what the issue is but I've manually unlinked your Steam, so try re-link it again when you can.
  10. Accepted Player has been dealt with and issued a two week ban for his behaviour. We have been monitoring Ryza for a while now, for numerous reasons and overall his toxic behaviour. I am very pleased that you put the time and effort into forming this report, I wish more people in Pantheon would provide reports like these! Hopefully we will see a change to Ryza's behaviour after the ban has been lifted, if we don't, we can look at longer term punishments because at the moment with the way he's acting, he's not exactly a player I'd like to see playing on my servers.
  11. Accepted You were banned as you showed a general lack of respect for Pantheon as a whole. I understand there are toxic members like Ryza out there who wish to ruin players days, (I've personally witnissed it myelf) however you can't react the way you did in our Discord because it's really disrespectful. Our staff would love to help you with your issues and we respect the fact you want to submit more future reports, hence I am unbanning you. Please avoid making comments like you did in future, use the report system for reports and not the public channels. Thanks
  12. Accepted As it's been two months and this appeal has been well thought out, I am going to accept this. However, this is a final chance and I don't want to see you returning to your old behaviour.
  13. Pantheon Community - May 2021 Giveaway Entry URL: https://gleam.io/cAL3v/pantheon-community-may-2021-giveaway Starts: Now! Ends: 13/06/2021 11:59pm Winners will be drawn on the morning of the 14th within our Discord. Prizes 1st Place: $25 in Steam Gift Cards 2nd Place: $20 in Steam Gift Cards 3rd Place: $15 in Steam Gift Cards 4th Place: $10 in Steam Gift Cards 5th Place: $5 in Steam Gift Cards Once the giveaway is over, prizes can be claimed by DMing myself (SkyfromXℇN#0001) on Discord and adding me on Steam.
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