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  1. Declined We don't accept or tolerate people who intentionally evade bans, especially taking into account the reasons for your intial ban. You have failed to provide the most crucial part of the application (SteamID64). Please wait a week before re-appealing, if you choose to consider putting some more effort in and give a good enough reason to warrant an unban.
  2. Hello I would like you to use the correct template so I can actually find out information on your ban
  3. This was resolved earlier today Locking thread..
  4. Haven't been able to track any ban on you. I've looked through our logs as well as TK bans and haven't been able to find anything. Contact me on Discord if you have further issues trying to connect SkyFromXEN#0001
  5. They've been disabled, wasn't even aware that people were using them until now.
  6. That backgrounds been available for anyone to use for a good year lol
  7. Declined As a community sever we are required to uphold the Discord TOS. You have failed to add back the person who banned you on Discord, so they were unable to confirm if you are under 13 or not.
  8. Accepted As a community server we are required to uphold the Discord TOS, please do not joke about being under the age of 13 in the future.
  9. Hey LukeM, I've sent you a friend request on Discord to discuss this report further.
  10. Well since some people are clearly incapable of writing a sentence. Welcome boomer Heinz to the forums! Those hobbies are quite interesting I must admit.
  11. Declined Automatic team kill bans can't be appealed. You will be able to play tomorrow.
  12. Declined You can't appeal a TK ban, please wait it out and you should be able to play tomorrow.
  13. SkyFromXEN


    Declined Not sure what you were expecting to happen to be honest. You targetted me because of the tag I had. I don't come on the servers to be targetted.. Wait out your ban, it was only 12 hours.
  14. Declined Pantheon does not run [US East] SCP:SL Official. TK bans are also a few hours so you can't appeal them.
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