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  1. Accepted Your appeal will be accepted on the basis your behaviour will improve drastically. We usually do not accept appeals for people who breach Discord's TOS - however it has been an extended period of time since this incident occurred so we will allow you another chance.
  2. Follow the correct format for appeals, it's not hard.
  3. You have failed once again to follow the correct format for appeals.
  4. Declined Due to your long and severe track record on our servers, as well as ban evasion, you will not be welcome back on our servers. Regardless if you have matured since your ban you had numerous chances to correct your behaviour.
  5. Accepted Your in-game ban will be lifted. If you can show us that your behaviour has improved we will consider unbanning you from the Discord.
  6. Declined Hi h1dden, You intentionally joined the Discord server to commence further drama surrounding a situation that is being handled privately, which mind you you're not involved in or fully aware of at all. From what I have seen, you don't appear to have any good intentions being within the Pantheon Discord server. If you have an issue with a manager you should report it to me, not act the way you did to get attention in a public channel. You may re-appeal this ban in a month's time if you wish.
  7. Your appeal is being accepted, however we are expecting big improvements in your behaviour in-game from here onwards.
  8. Declined Usually I accept appeals for advertisement bans but you've put no effort into this appeal. Advertisement is taken very seriously which resulted in your permanent ban. You may re-apply in one weeks time.
  9. Goodbye g4... oh wait you've rejoined for the 50th time, have you made your mind up yet?
  10. Goodbye for now Bazz, Avoid leaving and rejoining please. the post comes off as attention seeking otherwise.
  11. Accepted Clip to be shortened, too much kissing for my liking.
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