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  1. Accepted Thank you for the report, this player will be dealt with.
  2. Declined Hey mate, this does not breach our micspam rule as micspam over intercom is allowed as long as it's not loud/earrape level.
  3. Declined Unfortunately again the evidence isn't significant enough for any action to be taken against this user. Please refer to the mic-spam rule below, in this instance you would be capturing "excessive micspam", however doesn't capture the micspam being excessive as it's not long enough in duration. [7] We accept micspamming in proximity provided it is at an appropriate volume. Micspam external to proximity chat must remain inexcessive and not be loud; this includes spectator chat, SCP chat, radio chat and intermission.
  4. Declined Hey mate, going off evidence this isn't considered earrape level volume so no action will be taken against the user. Please ensure if providing evidence try and capture the moments where the user has broken the rules.
  5. Accepted Generally we prefer you acknowledge your bad behaviour and apologise within the appeal itself rather than through DMs with those involved. However your appeal is genuine so I will reduce the mute down to 6 hours in-game time. Please be cautious of what you say in-game in the future and it if would be deemed appropriate, as further punishments may follow for similar behaviour.
  6. Accepted As this is a genuine appeal and we have had a civil discussion in DMs, I will revoke the Discord ban and allow you a second chance. As already mentioned in DMs, we do not encourage or condone slandering of other communities, in future if you see it please @Discord Moderation so that it cant be dealt with properly. As events leading up to your SCP:SL ban are rather recent, I am going to keep that in place however in a month's time you can re-appeal this.
  7. Appeal was already accepted by @TheApprentice As noted previously you will be allowed one last chance.
  8. This report was dealt with however the original comments were removed.
  9. Declined This is a lazy appeal and you haven't even filled out the entire format. Wait out your mute, do not appeal this again or I will re-apply your forum ban.
  10. Accepted Your appeal is genuine and you have achknowledged what you did was wrong. As it's been two years since you were banned I will be revoking it. Please do not return to the same poor behaviour in our Discord.
  11. Accepted As you have provided proof of your global ban being revoked, the appeal being genuine, and the fact you don't have much bad history at all on our servers, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I am still quite suspicious of what myself and other staff saw in-game, as well as your usage of two alt accounts which seemed like you were trying to avoid staff. However I am not going to keep the ban in place based just on this.
  12. Please follow the correct format
  13. Accepted Given the genuine appeal and length of time it has been since the ban, your ban will be revoked and you will be allowed another chance.
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