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  1. Its September the wrath of the horrifying Christmas music listeners are playing it right now
  2. I'll win more than that by months I'd rather focus on school these last few months My school is closing down prob next year and combing with the neighbouring school beside it And I want to get fit like I use to in primary
  3. I'm just leaving this server just to focus on school life and get fit lol It was nice being with you guys I ain't gonna stay my entire life with you guys and now I will say my final words GOOD **Idiots** I may return later but goodbye idiots 6/08/2022 From Hede-Hedey-HitMarker CAMO I WILL GET BITCHES WHEN I COME BACK
  4. I would love to say Chicken Flavoured Chips specifically this on
  5. I must invest into this game to show how stupid I look while trying to look very godly
  6. Welp fuck me I slept the entire day yesterday maybe today I might start doing a lot But I wonder who might win this comp certainly not me lol
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfXegYfyIH4
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