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  1. God the SL players are going to shit themselves when they see this
  2. 243159921_394123155574960_6930264010911847945_n(1).mp4
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    Light Bearers

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    Gartic Phone

  6. im so sad that i cant build a fat among us tribute
  7. Hey Minirow, First off, you meet the requirements, which is good to see Your application It is quick lacking all the way through, with a lot of missed potential and other sorts, I would like to see more of this Since you have only been not there for 58 days, I recommend waiting longer to get more well known in the community Final verdict Due to these issues, you shall be receiving a -2, try get more involved in the community and put more effort into you application
  8. Recorded by: Pengu!!! (I got permission :trolld:) Game: Star Citizen Squadron_42_-_Star_Citizen_2021.08.20_-_14.09.08.04.DVR_Trim.mp4
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