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  1. i am now accepting bets on when they will return, if its within three weeks you win double
  2. i have dementia and forgot what you both sound like, who are you? where am i? help
  3. Planetary annihilation
  4. He looks like he hasn't finished developing in the womb
  5. What were the many crimes committed by peakus? And who the fuck was he?
  6. not for you cause your going to hell for saying this
  7. wow im so glad we have off topic two
  8. fate worse then death i would rather die then go to the pits of hell and become tcom
  9. no matter how quiet i make it my ears still hurt
  10. nah wrong its any reasonable number of m's to the smaller scale so "mmm" to "mmmmm" for agree and its any reasonable number of hm's to the smaller scale for contemplation so "hmmm" to "hmmmmm" then if it increases in m's the meaning is changed so "hmmmmmmmmm" would be agree and "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" would be contemplation (yes i thought this through stfu) video0-3_9.mov actual video of encvy training his mods
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