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  4. LMFAO ...My voice be cringe asf +1
  5. https://medal.tv/games/scp-secret-laboratory/clips/5WuWp6cam7Fce/d1337fOSPSrV?invite=cr-MSxzVmMsMzM2NTE2MzYs
  6. :pepeheart: And to you too Vinny :)
  7. Hello hello. I'm Buddy. Introduction: Today I decided that I should do an introduction as it's been a year sense I've been playing SCP:SL on Pantheon, and about 3 - 4 years sense joining the Discord on my other account (Which I forgot the password to). Anyway! Most of you probably know me as of recent, I have become a moderator here in the Pantheon Community. Some of you also might remember me as P4P3Rz, the cringe YT person. But I have changed quiet a lot ever sense than. I now go by Buddy, as I named one of my pets many years ago Buddy before he sadly passed away. I thought it'd be a good name ;) About me: I love playing video games, and enjoy socialising with others online. I find the best thing about making friends online is if you have a fight, or argue about something, you don't have to spend the next day at school or work with them lol. But 99.9% of people I've become friends with have been very cool people, and I'm glad to of met them. I'm also into sports. I've played basketball sense the age of 4, and I have been playing competitive for about 7 years now. I also help manage games, so I'm very good at talking with others and helping people with their concerns. I'm a very understanding and approachable person, so don't let my Moderator TAG scare you lol. I have also had interest in many other games such as Halo, Call Of Duty, Need4Speed and a bunch of other games. I'm not sure what else to say because I think everyone knows everything else about me. If not, come say hi :) How I joined Pantheon: I love playing video games, as I said before. Especially SCP Secret Laboratory. I've been a huge fan of the SCP universe sense SCP:CB dropped in 1012, about 8 - 9 years ago. I've always had a place in my heart for the SCP foundation, and have been, and still am playing SCP:CB. A few years ago however in 2018 I stumbled across SCP:SL, and joined the Pantheon servers. I still remember the funny T-posing shy guy and Larry, and the old animations for the dogs. Thought I don't remember there being two? Anyway. After a few weeks of playing it I heard someone talking about applying for staff, and I was also keen in joining the team at the time. The only issue was my PC wasn't the best fit for the game, and I had often crashes just starting it up. I came back early this year/late last year when I got my new PC. I then found interest again in applying for staff, but didn't meet some of the requirements. Such as activity, and being social. Anyway through out the year I've been playing this game, making lot's of friends, and I have no regrets joining this community. So thank you Cas and Sky, for creating such wonderful community. :) Anyway you're probably bored of hearing about my life. If you ever want to chat, or play some SCP:SL, or even compete against me in SCP:CB, just shoot me a DM! :) If you ever need help with anything or have any questions, just lemme know! Or ask down below. Have a wonderful day everyone. ~Buddy
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