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  1. My favourite retired staff member is SoNotU :Trolld:
  2. Axolotl's are best yes I agree you should too hahaha yes ok
  3. Panncake should become SL staff smh :Trolld:
  4. Doritos. They are best, no doubt
  5. "Imagine being a tmod" :Trolld: ...Wait. Drunk? I only had 6 drinks
  6. Hey look. It's that Goose you always post :pepekek:
  7. Ever wanted a Ferrari? A big house? To start a gaming company? To flex your money? Or just own a yacht. Tell me 3 things you'd do if you got 500Mill. I would personally: -Buy an Audi S3 -Start up a gaming studio -Pay Sky for Trial Owner :trolld: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
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