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  1. Offender's Name: Gandling Offender's Steam ID: No Idea sorry, but pretty obvious who. Reason for this report: Abuse of power Evidence / Witnesses: Server pretty much, pictures And yes, I will admit I was a dickhead too, that is fair. Pretty hard not to be when you're upset/angry over an unjust restriction. It literally all comes down to a simple joke over a popular meme, said on the server as someone was acting as 939. Now, I never actually said it to the person in question, but with the others when dead, when he was not. After that, I made a simple joke referring to 939 and the meme, and was promptly restricted. No warning. Nothing. To further add insult to injury, in which I can no longer get evidence on as I was banned from the server after blocking said person due to frustration, it was said amongst the staff who he restricted, and why. Not kept to himself, but shared amongst others, which than led to the entire server learning about the restriction. To further this, the assumptions made about why I said the joke are pretty out there, especially considering he has no idea what my personality is like at all, and has had barely any interaction with me to actually cause such accusations. And again, I was a dick too, I can admit to it. But no, I did not make the joke to simply "rebel" or "see how much I can get away with". I was quite literally making a simple joke that he took too seriously. Nothing less, nothing more. And yes, I will be adding in what I said too, I have nothing to hide, and no excuse for reacting in an emotional way. I was frustrated. But with no warning or anything, and him claiming to say "I told you not to post it on discord" which I didn't hear him say at all, and probably have others as a witness to say that he didn't, and to restrict me over that, it's just insulting. Especially when staff have been involved in far worse. And to say "You need to report that" when it's quite literally coming from staff is horrendous. To say it's "old and tiresome" is to dismiss it as okay, but this as not. Thank you Gandling for making me feel like very unwelcome. Also, I have this entire message copied to ensure it doesn't just get deleted and forgotten.
  2. Hi, I'm KrazyCiwi, and I'm an alcoholic. Good day.
  3. Yes, but allow flyers. I want ma draggooonnsss
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