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  1. Pantheon Community - Discord Awards Information It is time to start off the year 2022 with our very first Pantheon Discord Awards. Throughout Pantheon's existence, there have been countless funny, cringy, mind-bending & questionable things said on the server: It's time to dig into your vault and submit them for the community to vote on! Prizes Each category will have their own winner. Winners will be those featured in the quote, there are no prizes just for submission. 1st place: Custom discord role. (1 month) How to Submit Head to the submissions channel underneath the Pantheon Discord Awards Category. You can submit as many quotes as you want. No one else in the channel will be able to see your submission. Submissions will be sorted by Pantheon staff to enter the voting phase based on quality and numerosity. You must post an image of the quote straight from the discord. Rules Submissions must be Pantheon-themed. All entries must be SFW. Must abide by Discord TOS & Pantheon server rules. Submissions that are not in good faith will be removed. Submissions that violate the rules will be removed. Submission Categories Most Cursed Quote Timeless Quote Pantheon GOTY 2021 Best Comeback Best Emoji/Sticker Most Helpful Member The Chatterbox Most Iconic Ban/Appeal Best Sounding Voice Worst Microphone Best @Sky Tag Extra Voting Categories (require no submissions) Best Pantheon Discord Gaming Session/Game Pantheon Best Community Server Best SCP:SL Staff Member Best Community Staff Worst Pre-order Best Manager
  2. Declined. ducky has stated the reason why.
  3. Hey everyone, I will be hosting Unfortunate spacemen. Unfortunate Spacemen is basically 3D Among Us with guns and a ton more maps and abilities to choose from with a traitor role to assist the monster. If you're interested, you can download the game here.
  4. Garry's Mod 2021.11.12 - Garry's Mod 2021.11.12 - Garry's Mod 2021.10.15 - Common 2021.11.02 -
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