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  1. Koz


    my osu! tag is Ebifresh i can play around 5-8 star songs on relax and only relax mode cool cool but never played in >5 months
  2. ey dont understend.
  3. Ey, I've got a question for ya. Which is heavier? A kilogram of feathers, or a kilogram of steel? The answer, is a kilogram of steel, because steel is heavier than feathers.
  4. actually a pretty good statistic, seen some post with almost 100 views but little to no replies.
  5. at home its prolly about 13-16 mbps school wifi is about 28-37 mbps
  6. please let me enjoy my youth before you bring your 'grow old and get boring' argument that you do so often
  7. k you are allowed an opinion here
  8. charcoal on canvas (covered because anonymity)
  9. sure thing to anyone that sees this violin session @ the lounge room at around 4.30pm singapore time (7.30pm sydney time)