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    salutations the name is koz
  2. i swear this thread is incredibly autistic im about to go sicko mode
  3. the first series. "this isn't my idea" - x3j50 Created by Koz.
  4. Koz

    plz come bacc

  5. log from 4 months after this post, i have regrets making this series and how it escalated into nothing more than a dated inside joke.
  6. pity the fool that make the stupidity in you prosper.
  7. everything coming from you is a bad idea -1
  8. we can barely run a functional gmod server what makes u think we can run a minecraft server smh
  9. I used to have a Minecraft lets play channel when I was 10 I think I have lost my dignity from just stating that to the public cough cough ok moving on
  10. sleep tight sweet prince


  11. "if I had a dime for every time a homeless man asks me for change, i'd still say no."

    -Bo Burnham

  12. Love ya man, you were one of my first pantheons discord interactions and you are a cooooooooooool guy
  13. Koz


  14. My favorite has got to be either 'The Puppy Machine' or 1471.
  15. (hope you like it, took me an hour to do owo) so what this is, is my edition of the Pantheon Community logo we all grew to love, done in a drawing app. I added this gradient effect that helps add dimension to it. I hope you enjoy it!
  16. the best songs in my spotify playlist: BLEACH - brockhampton GOLD - brockhampton PONY - Ginuwine AMERICAN BOY - Estelle FEELING GREAT - savagerealm ALIEN BOY - oliver tree LUST - lil skies FIREFLY - mura masa WHO DAT BOY - tyler, the creator COLORBLIND - getter (owo)
  17. clocked in 2000+ hours on Team Fortress 2 ever since I was 9. It was pretty much my whole childhood owo I loved portal 1 and 2, I cried when it was over.