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  1. i love history too please educate me for i am merely a younger disciple of your vast historic intellect
  2. holla at your boy kozuie its my birthday can i get a what what

  3. cool . a nickelodeon baby has emerged
  4. demon days/plastic beach gorillaz > humanz/the now now gorillaz
  5. upvotes for positive charge and downvotes for free electrons
  6. spectator > any other class
  7. old and new school hip hop/trap/experimental/future bass/dubstep/vomitstep/whatever kanye west makes/vaportrap
  8. got some scp-001 ones
  9. found some off the internet
  10. lmao i dont think i can do much :p
  11. Koz


    my osu! tag is Ebifresh i can play around 5-8 star songs on relax and only relax mode cool cool but never played in >5 months
  12. ey dont understend.
  13. Ey, I've got a question for ya. Which is heavier? A kilogram of feathers, or a kilogram of steel? The answer, is a kilogram of steel, because steel is heavier than feathers.
  14. actually a pretty good statistic, seen some post with almost 100 views but little to no replies.
  15. at home its prolly about 13-16 mbps school wifi is about 28-37 mbps
  16. please let me enjoy my youth before you bring your 'grow old and get boring' argument that you do so often
  17. k you are allowed an opinion here
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