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  1. It is with great sorrow that I bring forth this tragic news of absence from the existence of your presence in the online world. We’re gonna miss you Wilfred. <3 :( Good luck in continuing your acting career! I hope to see you on Netflix one day - if that’s what you’re pursuing. Just make sure to continue doxxing Stell in any way possible. :) Writing to you, I am drenched in an ocean of tears, sincerely; - the least racist person you know
  2. I can’t believe you leaked training smh, demoted to tcom.
  3. SCP Secret Laboratory_replay_2021.12.03-20.35.mp4 SCP Secret Laboratory_replay_2021.12.03-20.35.mp4
  4. Welcome back older me. :trolld:
  5. Goodbye Town. I'm going to miss you. :(
  7. Sadness :(, I will miss our times when me you and Lizard were doing the easter eggs on cold war. :( Good times...
  8. i’m always late to everything :> hello weather man
  9. I was thinking maybe at least 1 month old just so the community knows who the person is and so the person can work on their activity on discord / ingame
  10. I'll miss you Levin. Maybe one day we will meet again.
  11. goodbye robin :( i will miss you <3
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