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  1. Some of my favorites (I didn't intend on the list being this long - it just slowly got out of hand as I added more and more SCPs). The Antimeme Stories SCP-055 - [unknown] (Important background reading) There Is No Antimemetics Division We Need To Talk About Fifty-Five (Part 1) Introductory Antimemetics (Part 2) Unforgettable, That's What You Are (Part 3) CASE COLOURLESS GREEN (Part 4) Your Last First Day (Part 5) SCP-3125 - The Escapee (The password is '55555') UNDEFINED (SCP-3942) Scarlet King / Brothers of Death Mythos SCP-231 - Special Personnel Requirements (Important background reading SCP-1440 - The Old Man From Nowhere (Important background reading) Thrice Chapter 1: Verse 1 Dust and Blood Three Short Scenes About Death When We Came Home Tufto's Proposal Death and Doctors (continuation from Brothers of Death) SCP-049, SCP-049-ARC (Important background reading. Death and Doctors is based off SCP-049-ARC, but I recommend you read both, since SCP-049 actually makes more sense). Three Short Scenes About Death Therapy Painless Surgery Apotheosis SCP-3396 - The Empyrean Parasite The Shape of a Gun A Farewell To Arms A New Age of Magic SCP-3731 Thrive The Sorrow / CadaverCommander's Tale SCP-3899 - The Night Hauler SCP-3898 - The Burden SCP-3889 - The Greatest Fisherman Who Ever Lived SCP-3983 - To Petition The Dead SCP-3897 - Mother's Eye is Upon You SCP-3896 - The Knights Grow Weary SCP-3894 - Our Sorrow SCP-3895 - Our Runrest Joey Fucknuts SCP-3885 - The High Octane Full-Throttle Adventures of Exploding Zombie Gearheads Joey Fucknuts Builds a Flying Machine Joey Fucknuts Takes to the Skies Joey Fucknuts Believes in Himself SCP-1763-EX Awesome Meets an Old Friend SCPs SCP-30000 - Anantashesha Atzak Hub Atzak 1 Atzak 2 Atzak 3 SCP-093 - Red Sea Object Blue Test Green Test Violet Test Yellow Test Red Test Recovered Materials SCP-087 - The Stairwell Document 1 Document 2 Document 3 SCP-076 - Able Incident Log SCP-963 - Immortality / Dr. Bright Things Dr Bright Is Not Allowed To Do At The Foundation SCP-3001 - Red Reality SCP-3002 - Attempts To Assassinate Thought SCP-3003 - The End of History SCP-3008 - Perfectly Normal, Regular Old IKEA SCP-106 - The Old Man The Young Man Treats Until Death Once But Not Now SCP-1730 - What Happened to Site-13? SCP-3935 - This Thing a Quiet Madness Made SCP-049-J - The Plague Fellow SCP-0666½-J SCP-3930 - The Pattern Screamer SCP-3208 - YKHN SCP-3034 - The Counting Station SCP-3035 - Science Bugs SCP-3041 - The Red Knife SCP-3054 - Cragstaff Sanitarium SCP-2639 - Videogame Violence SCP-3074 - Kafka's Parking Garage SCP-2571 - Cragglewood Park SCP-3588 - Cheers SCP-3241 - The SS Sommerfeld 001 Proposals The Broken God The Gate Guardian The Factory The Spiral Path The Scarlet King Briefings / Introductory Documents Ethics Committee Orientation (Note: Back when the Ethics Committee was first introduced, authors on the site took at more as a bad joke, displaying the attitudes talked about in this tale). Reality Benders And You: How To Survive When Existence Doesn't Memetics and Infohazards Division Orientation SLATE THUNDER An FAQ; Or, What The Hell Is A Hume? An FAQ Part Two; Or, Your Hume Questions Answered What are some of your favorite SCPs? I'll read whatever you post.
  2. Minecraft. Without a doubt. That game was my childhood. That game practically introduced me to the internet through minecraft letsplays. I used to always to go the website and watch YouTube videos through the embedded trailer on the sight, because I didn't know what YouTube was then. CoD: Black Ops 1 & 2. I would say I like Black Ops 1 more than 2, but they were both pretty good, and I played them a lot. Skyrim. I played the fuck out of that game. Amazing that it's still relevant and playable today, despite it's age. SCP:SL. Considering it's what I'm currently playing, I'd say it's pretty memorable. I love SCP as a whole, and read the fuck out of the website. Honourable mentions go to TF2, the Half-Life series, and Kerbal Space Program. Slightly less honourable mentions go to Heroes and Generals, CS:GO, Antichamber, and that shitty naruto game on the xbox. I loved that game.
  3. i keep my rhymes pure, like my food and drugs ♪ anyways, bastardizations of ERB aside, I'm , and after playing on the SCP: Secret Laboratory servers for about 150 hours, I've decided to finally join the forums.
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