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  1. I can’t cope enough, not enough copium
  2. The best SMOD there ever was has disappeared, and his remains are left to that of the new admin, encvy, which really is nothing. the funny word got me restricted and hoes mad so I’m dipping lmao, a lot of the cool people have left, but oh well time to join them. Later cuties
  3. t-comm's dont get to deny appeals :trolld: good to see you back robin
  4. i stg if lizard keeps posting this duck I will find it and end it
  5. I'll miss ya town! Hope to see you around in VRChat
  6. For Moderator, you need at least 50 hours in Pantheon, and at least 100 in SL which is achievable in a week or two, but usually when people hit around 100 hours they've played for at least a month. Com staff require 1000 messages which does take a while to do. These requirements get people known within the community and potentially avoids new, and unexperienced people in the game/community from applying.
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