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  1. Good Day Name: короче говоря#2077 DiscordID: 700548055220617297 Server: Patheon Community Discord What was the reason for your ban?: I had submitted a joke submission in the 'Discord Emoji Competition" which was held by Neiguex on the 2nd of march 2021. After my submission was deleted I was muted from the Discord and I had rejoined thinking that I would be unmuted to be able to chat, however was banned. So I was banned for Ban/mute evasion. How long was the duration of the ban?: Perm Who were you banned by?: Pretty sure it was Sky or someone else Why do you believe that you should be unbanned?: From my previous ban on the discord from march onwards I have rethought my conduct towards the pantheon community Discord, and how I act on there and in the community. I am actively attempting to clear my history and have stopped being the dickhead that I was previously, therefore I also wanted to apologize on my acts during the time period from April-March where I had violated rules such as advertising my own discord server in DM's on the website and me being a total smartass to managers back then. I would be very thankful if you could rethink the Perm ban and let me reenter the Pantheon Community discord, I also wanted to add once again that I have changed from March on how I behave within the community, and I am wanting to clear my history and be a better person in the Pantheon Community and I am once again sorry for my conduct in this Community, and I would like a final chance at redeeming myself. Thank you, -Винни-Пух
  2. Name: Винни-пух Steam ID/link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Vinne_Poo/ Reason for ban: Harrasing Staff memebers/ history Banned by: Apparently Pengu Time: banned until 13th of March 2021 Why should I be unbanned: what happened was that i asked questions (and i dont recall asking any offinsive/hurtful) to an admin who's name was ghandling (sorry if I mistyped). To start off I wanted to call him Ghandi for short and he seemed fine with it. So I called him Ghandi. Then I recall asking questions such as how I could become a mod/admin and then when Ghandling asked why everyone wanted to talk to him (this was near the end of the round and most of the players were dead) I said "it's because you have a red nametag" shortly after I get a brilliant "you have been banned for Harrasing staff and history" until next Saturday. I had then joined a pantheon server and a trail mod by the name of Camo had told me that I was banned for Harrasing staff and being racist and that I was banned by Pengu. I do not remember being ever banned for racism as i tend to actually think before I speak and if i say something racist I do apologize. So the racist "history" part I do not really understand. I have been banned once for 24 hours for mic spamming and I cant think of the top of my head what else I've been banned for. Finally I'm just confused for why I've been banned when I've never harrassed a staff member. And if asking questions is harrassment then I will no longer do that. Thank you.
  3. Name: короче говоря#4459 Steam: Not sure Server: Discord What was the reason of your ban?: not sure How long?: Perm Who were you banned by?: Not sure Why should I be unbanned?: I honestly am sorry for being a smartass to staff members, Please could I be given another chance. If I be a dickhead to staff again, I expect to get no other chance and a Perm ban. I am sorry for being a smartass, please could you forgive me.
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