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  1. I dont know much about you Robin, But I will miss you :(
  2. Isn't that what the crypto miners want? when it goes up in value cause people mass buy, they sell alot
  3. I would recommend to just reload and try over and over again. Thats what I do, After 30 attempts it all works.
  4. ^^^^^ China is my only favouroute country! Xi jinping is a good man!
  5. Sometimes having even a good/beefy pc will not stand against the 100% well made game of SCP:SL.
  6. I remember when soft serves were 10c each. best moment in history to be honest
  7. ^^^^^^^^^ I feel like some people would combine their words and words from the accepted application.
  8. ah thanks, cause its weird how on other games my ping is around 10 but on SCP SL its 50+
  9. Hey at least your getting money
  10. forgot to add that I already use an Ethernet cable. its around 5 meters long.
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