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  1. If I type this really quick maybe noone will see it

  2. Hey there, seeing as I never got around to doing one of these I might as well post up a cheeky introduction. It's ya boi AdolfJesus I've been a part of the Pantheon community for just over a year now, and gotten to know quite a lot of you fantastic people, along with running a few events for you all when I was the Event Manager. These days I'm usually pretty tied up with work, but I play the occasional round of SCP here and there, along with Monster Hunter: World, League of Legends, and a healthy (maybe) mix of just about everything else. I live in the lovely city of Brisbane, and currently work as a line chef for a [mystery] restaurant (mainly American style burgers/steaks, with a little bit of bartending on the side), and cooking is a big passion of mine, along with bass guitar and foreign languages (I am fluent in German, Dutch, Greek, Serbian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and am currently learning Spanish!) It's been great to see quite a few of you taking the plunge and posting some things about yourselves, it really helps make this community feel like a great place to be! Feel free to bug me during the evenings if you're up for a game or two Alright I never know how to properly end these things so yeah, that's me, ciao
  3. It is 12:58pm on Wednesday 17th July 2019

  4. alternatively here's a darker themed one
  5. I have a heap like these cycling through my desktop wallpapers
  6. The freshest thing since canned tuna

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      that is offensive 

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