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  1. @Tbonejones5900 Hello and welcome to Pantheon
  2. Have a tab next to the calendar where members can upload images about moments in-game or anything about Pantheon. Jordan
  3. What are your favourite Netflix Movies/Tv Shows?
  4. In my opinion, i think this would be a nice feature to the community. In this category, you would be able to say Happy Birthday to other members of the community. I recommend that this is put under the Introductions & Farewells category. Jordan
  5. 1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4/2/3 2. Battlefield Series 3. GTA 4/5 4. Garry's Mod (MilitaryRP, DarkRP, TTT, PoliceRP, ETC)
  6. What's your youtube channel?
  7. Congratulations for Administrator, it was well earnt. :)

  8. Hello, I'm Jordan I am a staff member here on Pantheon Community if you need any help with anything either PM me on: forums, steam or in-game. Jordan T
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