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  1. not a certified hood classic :( stay well
  2. Levin year old Levin at 7/11.
  3. You won't see me playing with you anytime soon, unfortunately. See you, 012 man.
  4. I'll miss you too buddy, sorry for those last sentences, you're my friend and I shouldn't of said that.
  5. You've got the wrong idea. I didn't leave on will. Adios.
  6. Bans are forever. I am temporary.
  7. Couldn't last a single year in this community. Just like everywhere else. Goodbye, I'll find some new friends. They'll probably be temporary as well. No matter all the "cringe" messages hurdled at me, the bans, the warns, I still loved you guys the most out of everyone. Sorry for being toxic.
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  9. Name: Levin SteamID64 (if applicable): I don't know my SteamID64, but I know my URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/cab12/ DiscordID (if applicable): 731552947951108278 (I don't actually know I just right clicked my profile and saw copy ID.) Server: Both Pantheon and Official. What was the reason for your ban?: Excessive Micspam (Pantheon), Excessive Micspam, still hasn't learnt lesson. How long was the duration of the ban?: Pantheon's ban was 2 weeks, and Official was a month. Who were you banned by?: Camo, and I presume it would Camo again for my ban on official, unless I'm wrong. Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: Pantheon: I believe I should be unbanned from main Pantheon servers as, yes, using a sound board counts as micspam, but it was clear to anyone there that day that sound board was simply used for communication (and sometimes being the server's personal boombox). I don't think anyone was bothered except for the one mod that banned me. I did have one previous warning the day before and a few on the unfortunate day I was banned, however I remember the warnings being alive in-game, one of which I was playing music as a Class-D. I've already set my sound board to be quieter, and everyone was in 914, enjoying the music, jumping around in circles, etc. Except one person, who just simply said my name, took it as a warning, and yes, I'm pretty sure I did stop, say sorry (via sorry.mp3) and move out of 914 briefly after (somewhere in between there I think there was a short duration in the input where I played a quiet song.). I hope to be unbanned from Pantheon, and get back to chilling. Official: My ban on official is nearly the same as my ban on Pantheon. This time this was mostly sound effect based. I was once again adding a little let's say spice to the conversations, I don't remember anyone being bothered by it. Near the end of a round, I have to admit, I got a little carried away, we were all having quite a bit of fun. I used the applause sound effect multiple times and the trusty vine thud, plus more other minor sound effects, such as the baby cry. I apologize if it was too loud or too excessive, and I promise, that's the max I can micspam. I know it was unacceptable, but there's obviously reasons that I should be again unbanned. This ban duration was carried on from Pantheon. I never remember ever being banned for two weeks on official, and the ban reason had "still hasn't learnt lesson", so it must be the same person going out of their way to carry on my ban to the next level from Pantheon servers. This, I find is irrational, as it's two different servers. I did not get a warning at all in official (or at least I couldn't hear them over the 3 people swallowing their mics, in which they probably haven't been punished for.) and the ban came out of nowhere. There is probably more to add to the reason "Excessive Micspam" for my month ban, and I shall list them. -Playing audio files from the SCP Foundation Onsite Radio through to the intercom. -Playing the "Do you honestly think you're fucking funny" audio file to those SCP's chasing me (as a joke) Those two aren't even close to adding to Excessive Micspam, but I thought it would be useful to list them. I also hope to be unbanned from Official and go back to chilling (again.). Additional Notes: I really don't think a month ban is necessary for what I would find a minor offence. People get banned for one week for Targeted Teamkilling and Toxicity, which is a larger offence by much. Also, bans that level up in duration is a flawed technique. I believe my last ban was quite some time back, and moving up another level is too over the top. I am also considering changing my sound board to fully text to speech. Have a great rest of morning, and if I don't see you again, Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.
  10. yo yo im like hey whats up hello im levin, tts guy, whatever you'd call me, i am very cool scp:sl gamer and i like automobiles n shit i also enjoy listening to elevator music no need to remind me that im cringe, ive already accepted it and remember: pizzaday.mp3
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