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  1. Since people keep wanting to know why I retired I'll type here because I keep needing to copy and paste it. The reason I had retired is because I was way too burnt out from being trial mod and trying to pass, I was trial for a long time (which I'm sure you all know) for reasons I'm not even sure about. I had been playing the game so much for a few months straight since I wanted to pass trial and I had just gotten super tired and unmotivated to play for a while. I watched people who were hired after me and get promoted before me which kind of got on my nerves. It isn't their fault so I don't hate anyone for it, to be fair there has been no staff manager for a while. P.S. I was not fired, I just did not qualify for retired staff role due to being LOA for the last week. I am starting my last year of school and I'm getting a job soon, there are a lot of mental and physical health issues that I am trying to resolve at the moment which was one of the main reasons. I did enjoy all the memories with everyone on the staff team and the community. I wish everyone the very best for the future and have a good rest of year. - Reg
  2. John halo
  3. Hello all! I know this is out of no where but I do want to appreciate the time I am having with this community, after coming from such a corrupt game and community, when I found pantheon I thought it was nothing special, but as soon as I spoke everyone was so god damn friendly and I couldn't be happier, I've been making many friends and even got to try mod out for a month (thank you Smonk and gandling for the opportunity!). I want to thank you all on how much this has helped me with my mental health after the amount of shit I'm going through IRL, I want to thank all of you. If Robin, magnet and lachoc were not here (god bless your souls) I probably would have never been here, thank you for making this a pleasant experience and I hope the best for everyone in the future. Have a fantastic day. All the best, Reg-Master :)
  4. Sky you beautiful man this would be a great story for my grand children.
  5. Forgot to attack in clan war -15 social points
  6. Credits: fat man part 2 Rip_173.mp4
  7. How could you say no one would care... We loved you man, we will absolutely miss you...
  8. Hi, I'm Reg Master, Also known as: Reg, Registration master, Register Master, Registry master, Regonald, Ronald Reagan... You get the joke, my name is very memeable. I didn't think of making an intro to myself as i didn't see myself going to be part of the community, but since I'm a trial mod I thought I'd talk about who I am. What got me into gaming was, music. Music is my favourite aspect in games (Why I love halo so much lol). I know I don't like bringing up disorders up on the internet but I'd rather let you guys know I have ADD (ADHD without the hyper part). Reason I want to bring this up is if I don't properly hear someone and then they think I'm ignoring them, I'm not, I love interacting with people. When I discovered pantheon in around April 2020, I was a bit scared to talk as in the previous game I was Head Debugger on, it was very strict and mods were pretty much like the "No fun allowed" kind of mods. (I had 9 false bans, the owner had to keep getting involved). A few months ago I started chatting because eventually I just started thinking I shouldn't think this will be the same. When I first chatted, I was very welcomed, no one was sensitive, no one was attacking me when I was new, and honestly, I appreciate it, especially thank you Robin, you were that person that comforted me here. I loved this community so much, I thought I'd donate gold tier because of how much I appreciated it (also at the time I was trying to join an event but the server was full lmao). Later on, I was messaged by Magnet to ask me if I wanted to try out for a mod, I decided I might as well try, each time I was also worried about stuff, Astral would talk to me when I messaged him, Astral your a great guy, you never got pissed when I kept disturbing you. Right now, at this time of typing, I am Trial Mod, Modding for the first 2 days was stressful as I had some rough situations, it's been 2 weeks now and I feel like I'm getting the hang of things, the whole mod team would help me if I was stuck (especially Gandling). This is the end of my introduction, thank you pantheon community for being super friendly, have a good day. (Thank you to all the staff members and members that made me feel welcome, there is too many to name)
  9. 301492261_SCPSL2021-06-1219-32-54.mp4
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