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  1. The next poster has had chocolate once today
  2. excuse me do you know where to apply to become moderator.

    1. Gaffy


      In https://pantheoncommunity.org/forum/44-applications/ .
      But moderators are required to be active inside of the discord server and well known within the community to have this role given to them.
      Unfortunately I don't think I have seen you anywhere inside of the discord or inside of pantheon SL server so I don't think you would be given moderator until you improve your activity within the community.


  3. Discord tag: WhiteEagle#3894 SteamID: 76561198058961585 Do you want to win star citizen?: Yes PC specs: CPU: i5-6500 GPU: GTX 1050 RAM: 2x8GB HDD: 1.79TB
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