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  2. Nice to know you for less than a month and talk to you like twice. Good luck with future endeavors.
  3. Name: Gaffy Discord ID: Gaffy#3551 Server: Pantheon Community Discord What was the reason for your ban?: Extremely unnecessary toxicity towards members of the discord for no reason other than unreasoned spite which was never needed or had any reason for existing in the first place other than myself being stupid and not thinking of my actions for the current time or future being now. How long was the duration of the ban?: Permanent Who were you banned by?: Sky Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I no longer want to re-enter the discord for Secret Laboratory media or discussion and only want to be apart of the recent (Or I believe to be recent) Dead by Daylight sub category that pantheon has created and that I am very interested in wanting to be a part of and helping/playing with the players who are interested in DBD. I know I likely haven't exactly made a great deal of connections or trusts with people from Pantheon as of late or have ever been seen having any interest of being a part of the Pantheon community again and I could see why the current management would want to have nothing of my sort within the server. I have made some heavy mistakes in terms of my language, my actions within the past 3-4 weeks and even further behind in mid-early 2020 and my general personality/character would put some people off from wanting to have discussions or playing with me during games. I want to say that I want to try to change that past version of myself and that to just say bluntly, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that my assortment of bullshit that I've made people put up with over time has caught up with me of just being a general dick and thinking over it hard has really given me insight as to why would I need to be that kind of person in the first place. The person I was (and still maybe am to some people) has no place anywhere online within the community that Pantheon has built and grown itself into overtime. I don't even know why I said that this community had changed into the horrendous things that I had spouted out of my stupid mouth, this server was and STILL is good in my eyes and some of the people here were and maybe still have been a small part of my life that I can't just leave behind in a bad legacy to myself and a horrid memory of myself for others. I would understand completely why you wouldn't want me back in the server, I have not shown any sign of changing myself for any kind of re-entry into the community or for my image in peoples minds. I have no intention of obtaining any kind of staff positions within the server (which I had infamous for and to put straight was just BAD at) and only want to share myself in expression of media, game knowledge and a "game-mate" for people who like DBD on the server. I appreciate you reading this and would understand if you would not like me back, Thank you. Gaffy.
  4. When any of you say pepsi
  5. hmm yes it isn't like a Komodo dragons bite can kill a person within hours no not at all
  6. They were both brothers and males, males are more laxed and chilled, more willing to just hang with you after some bonding time and females are massively more active then their counterparts
  7. Here's 2 brothers I had before I had to return them, that's after I've cleaned their cage because they definitely don't keep it that clean all the time
  8. Cats- Very little maintaining besides medical bills and spending some time with them, much more calm then dogs if you like that Dogs- Having to spend lots of time with them and medical shiz Fish- Cleaning bowl weekly, costly for filters and stuff inside the bowl Birds- Ask flux I really don't have much expertise for them Rats- I had owned rats for about 4-6 months before having to return them as school and my job wasn't letting me spend enough time with them but I have to say, if you want to spend the effort and time with them they can be really cuddly and can actually be taught to do stuff. Cleaning them is only like twice a week and you'd be spending around $200 for all their essentials such as cage, dental care, bowls and their own cleaning supplies (they clean themselves if they have water available to do it). So if your not grossed out by them I would recommend doing some research about them because they can be pretty cool and be a good conversation starter. EDIT- Rats also need a second to not get lonely like guinea pigs, and don't get opposite genders because you will end up with more than expected 2 Males is good as long as they are family 2 Females is almost perfect as they will likely not have any issues with eachother even if they aren't related
  9. Granted but kids scream at you everywhere I wish MacDonalds was healthy for you
  10. Literally no one got you or Salem mixed up but ok Samael
  11. Transitioning myself from my previous tag as "MTF Fag" into Gaffy was probably my best moment and decision within pantheon, slowly making myself into the questionably more matured and more well known person I am today then staying as that much more toxic mindset. And not gonna lie if I did stay as that person I might not even be around in panth as I am today.
  12. CPU: Intel Core i5 6500 (gonna upgrade to 9th gen soon) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. B150M PRO GAMING (also going to upgrade) Ram: x2 G.Skill F4-2400C15-8GRR DDR4 (going to upgrade to 2x16GB DDR4) Storage: SanDisk SDSSDA120G 118GB ST2000DX002-2DV164 1.8TB Monitor: XG2401 24" 144hz Viewsonic Monitor (replace to 4k) Keyboard: ROCCAT Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard (replace) Mouse: Corsair M65 Elite RGB Tunable FPS Gaming Mouse (replace)
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