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  1. Name:๖ۣۜBerdly SteamID64 (if applicable): 76561198121153470 DiscordID (if applicable): berdly#1234 Server: All What was the reason for your ban?: Toxicity How long was the duration of the ban?: 50 years Who were you banned by? Lunch Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I want to start this off by taking full responsibility for my previous behaviour. I do not expect anyone to move past it, because it was simply inexcusable. My ban helped me reflect on my previous behaviour, and I have recently been playing on No Rules SCP to change the way that I talk to people in & out of SCPSL for the better (much less toxicity). Some of my toxicity was initially meant as jokes, but was terribly executed as I often took my toxicity to extreme levels that people obviously would not take as a joke. I have already apologised to a several people in DM's/in-game for my extreme toxicity, but I want to sincerely apologise to everyone that is reading this appeal for the way I previously acted, even if some of you won't forgive me. I would love to be granted a second chance at interacting with the Pantheon Community, and I am fully aware of the fact that my punishment will be re-instated if I continue my previous behaviour. Thank you for reading my appeal.
  2. Name: ๖ۣۜBerdly SteamID: 76561199071673264 Discord: Xanthous#9920 Server: All, including discord What was the reason for your ban?: Was not told. How long was the duration of the ban?: 50 Years. Who were you banned by?: Not sure, I think it was Lunch because he joined my server prior to my ban. Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I have genuinely no clue as to why I was banned. I was not given any reason to my ban, and, at the very least, I would like a reason to my ban.
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