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  2. I'm probably never leaving Australia honestly, but if for some reason I had to immigrate to another country I would probably choose Denmark because it was number 2 in best countries to live in when I googled best countries to live in. Canada was 6 but then id have to live next to the USA and that's a no from me dawg.
  3. I'm not very smart that much is given but all my co workers are investing in it and now I'm getting FOMO. At the same time I don't even know what crypto currency is but the hype is so high right now. The only thing that stops me from putting money into it though is what my economics teacher in grade 11 told me. If people like me hear about a financial investment opportunity, its already too late.
  4. Like I mean really fucking hate working. Literally 0 desire to go to work. If I have to keep going to my shitty ass dead end job I swear to god I'm gonna do something desperate like join the army or something.
  5. Name: Ayyyoni SteamID64 (if applicable): 76561198905406990 DiscordID (if applicable): Ayyyoni Server: Pantheon Server 1-5 What was the reason for your ban?: Advertising someone's Minecraft server How long was the duration of the ban?: 1 year Who were you banned by?: TheApprentice I believe Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: There was some kid named Poop I think who started talking about his MC server in spectator chat. I was at intercom and jokingly announced over the intercom that we should all join Poop's Minecraft server and then I was banned about two rounds later. I figured since it was some random kids server not mine, it'd be a harmless joke. I've been banned before and I've never contested them since they were deserved and Ill cop any punishment I get but this is the one time the ban genuinely came out of the blue for me. I am sorry for advertising the kids server even as a joke and I won't do it again. And look ill own it. I fucked up and ive been banned in the past for tk. This time I fucked up because I figured it was just a joke would be a viable defence. I already knew that advertising was bannable so that's just straight up a mistake on my part. I'm legitimately sorry and I actually love playing on Pantheon all memes and shit talk aside.
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