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  1. Denied Your ban decision is final. Do not re-appeal.
  2. Denied It's great that you understand why you were banned, but unfortunately the damage has already been done. We no longer see you fit for being unbanned due to your extensive history of poor treatment to staff and other community members. I hope you find a community that suits your behaviour. Do not re-appeal.
  3. Denied. Follow the ban appeal template when submitting an appeal.
  4. Declined Follow the format when submitting an appeal.
  5. Optifine and Badlion are allowed since you don't really get an advantage over others using them for building
  6. Declined Due to the nature of your actions and the fact that you had just joined the Discord prior to your ban, I still do believe that you need more time to re-evaluate your behaviour. You may re-appeal in 3 weeks,
  7. Although it's not deserving of you to be permanently banned for micspamming on one occasion, it's certainly different when you've had several other bans where staff have also reminded you a countless number of times what our rules were behind micspam, yet you still persisted in your behaviour. We do hope you find another community that tolerates your behaviour, as this appeal will be Denied.
  8. Accepted Due to how your ban took place a while ago and how you've written an appeal with a good amount of detail, I'm willing to give you this chance to redeem yourself. If you're behaviour continues after your return however, it will be reverted so take a good amount of time to consider your actions within the community.
  9. Accepted You are not banned on the Discord server by any of our staff. If you've recently tried joining under an alt account, please contact me (lunch#9992) and I can see if that alt was banned automatically, otherwise there's not much we can help you with. Edit: After coming to a resolution in DMs we found the source of your ban and you've rejoined back now.
  10. burped twice. I feel like vomiting

  11. Due to the circumstances behind your last ban and the clear improvement in your behaviour over the past few months, I will be Accepting your ban appeal at this stage. If your behaviour/actions from both your prior bans returns, we will not hesitate to bring them back into place. ~ Lunch
  12. sculled an entire soda water and didn't burp. my life now feels like it has a purpose

  13. Pantheon Community - August 2021 Giveaway Entry URL: https://discord.gg/pantheon Starts: Now! Ends: 31/08/21 - 11:59pm Do note that the 1st place prize is only eligible to users who live in Australia. All winners will be drawn on the morning of the 1st of September within our Discord. Prizes 1st Place: AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600X 2nd Place: $25 in Steam Gift Cards 3rd Place: $15 in Steam Gift Cards 4th Place: $10 in Steam Gift Cards 5th Place: $10 in Steam Gift Cards Once the giveaway is over, prizes 2-5 can be claimed by DMing Wubble (Wubble#8008) on Discord and adding him on Steam. The first prize winner is to DM me (lunch#9992) on Discord to be able to claim their prize.
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