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  1. Accepted It's good to see that you've come to terms with your actions and I am willing to give you the second chance. Your unbans will be processed momentarily.
  2. Accepted Your ban has been revoked and you can now rejoin the Discord server on that account.
  3. Accepted Mostly due to your honesty. I've suggested to our staff that in future we should be telling others that it's an exploit rather than just immediately banning you.
  4. Declined As you've conveniently evaded your ban on our discord server above other things such as threatening to ddos others, you are no longer welcome. Do no re-appeal.
  5. Declined Simply due to your history of bans on the discord and the fact you broke two separate rules that would qualify for permanent bans does not give me a good reason to accept this appeal. You may re-appeal in 3 months.
  6. Accepted I understand the actions leading to your behaviour but the slurs can't continue. I have reduced your ban from 30 days to 2 weeks (meaning it will expire in 5-6 days instead of 21-22 days), however the reduction of punishment won't be so lenient in the future if it does continue.
  7. Declined You were told not to appeal. Also, I wouldn't say calling staff slurs behind their backs and saying the nword constantly falls under a "non offensive joke". Do not re-appeal.
  8. Lunch

    Ban Appeal

    Accepted Your appeal is being accepted, but do note if this behaviour persists, we won't hesitate to keep the ban in place.
  9. Lunch


    No, I have not been banned more than 5 times
  10. Declined It's on you to know when or when not to micspam, and how you stop micspamming. With your extensive history of micspam, I don't see a reason to revoke this punishment.
  11. Denied Your demeanour to not just me but to our community is not acceptable. We hope you find a community that appreciates your toxic and outright poor behaviour. You can appeal in two week's time
  12. Accepted Your account was automatically banned for being new, however I have revoked the ban.
  13. Declined The premise of your ban was the fact that you were working with another banned member and sharing direct messages between our staff and you. Although I don't have the full details, the intent was there and I do not want the situation to escalate further in our community. Do not re-appeal.
  14. Declined Your Steam ID is still not valid and you still haven't filled out the full template, specifically How long was the duration of the ban? and Who were you banned by?. Provide us with this info or we will not be able to respond to these appeals properly.
  15. Declined You have failed to provide us with your Steam ID, please follow the Appeal Format.
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