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  1. Name: yo1nkerr SteamID64: 76561199030734162 Server: All of Pantheon + AU Official Reason: Unwarranted provocation + toxicity towards staff member despite being warn before. You are not longer welcome in the community. Ban Duration: 50yrs Who were you banned by: Beese/Jason Why should I be unbanned: I want to start off by saying, some of the things I said would have been unnecessary which is completely my fault and I’m not saying this excuses me at all but some of you might no that I have a very very short temper. But now to why I should be unbanned. Throughout the night, me and a mate were playing SL trying to have some fun, and as usual I was trying to avoid beese so I wouldn’t get into any drama that night, but every time we would be near each other he would try and incite drama. To be completely honest I was mic-spamming a fair bit during spec chat and intermission but I never thought it was too bad and breaking the rules of mic-spam but I was still muted for 5 minutes, which doesn’t seem like a long time, but it’s kind of annoying. Throughout my mute beese would be saying things like L+Ratio which would just anger me even more. Later in the night someone told me to shut up (as a joke) and I said “toxic” (as a joke) and beese replied with “ironic” which was unnecessary and then I snapped and said “I find it funny that you’re like 18yrs old and you’re getting angry over a teenager on a game”, yes, this was completely unnecessary and I’m not excusing myself for it, this is one of the reasons I took some time to re-evaluate my actions before making an appeal. Again, during the games I personally don’t think I was being toxic at all, just my occasional sarcastic “you’re shit at the game” when I killed someone or when someone would complain about dying fast. Now from what I’ve been told, the real reason I was banned was because there is a clip of me calling beese a retard. I’m sure the staff have seen the clip and if you listen to it, I didn’t even say anything, what happened was, beese was talking over the intercoms and another player ran past (on top of the coms room) and said “cry about it retard”, 2 seconds later I walked in the room and that’s all that happened, I didn’t say a word. So considering that I was banned mainly because someone else called someone a retard, I think it is very unfair I was not only blamed for it but perm banned for it. If I am to be unbanned I will make sure to stay out of drama, be less toxic and avoid anyone I have conflict with. Thanks for reading. ~ yo1nkerr (:
  2. hi mrperson i love you
  3. NO not on the list either LOL
  4. 1. Sticky BBQ Ribs (Smiths) 2. Salt and Vinegar (Smiths) 3. Sour Cream and Onion (Pringles)
  5. Name: yo1nkerr Steam: 76561199030734162 Server: All of Pantheon and Official (Not Crossfire) Reason: Unwarranted provocation of staff despite being told not to in DMs. Stop being a fucking child and grow up. Length of ban: Ends 01/04/22 Who banned me: IDK Why I should be unbanned: I am going to explain the whole story from the beginning: Me and Beese were getting into it a bit last night so during the event I tried to avoid him so I wouldn't get anymore shit from him. During one of the rounds I heard him speaking some shit about me, saying I'm a dickhead etc. I went up to him and confronted him about what he said and he replied with "yo1nkerr, I really don't care about what you have to say". Later in another event, we were waiting for the round to start and he said "OMG is that Jason the manager?", which he had been saying all day and had got annoying, so I said "OMG is the Beese the dickhead?", few minutes later I'm banned from only the event server for Staff Toxicity (ban was until 05/03/22). After that I got off, when I got back on later once the event was over, I was banned across all the servers and the ban length was extended. I don't think what I did was right, but I was only being rude to him because he has been constantly toxic to me for no reason, I think the length of the ban was a bit much, and all I ask is that it is brought down to around a 3d - 7d. Also, to my knowledge, I had never been told on discord to stop today, and I also have a few clips of Beese being toxic to me for no reason. Thanks for reading (: ~ yo1nkerr
  6. yooooo, I'm leaving. Why? Don't really want to get too into it. Basically I just don't feel welcome in the community anymore, this has been made clear by some of the other members and I'm getting tired of it, so I thought I'd just leave. I'll still be playing SL, so feel free to say hi whenever you see me (if you can get through the closed doors) And feel free to DM me on discord whenever: yo1nkerr#0001 Edit: I forgot to mention, while I'm gone I am going to try improve my behaviour, toxicity, attitude, and my whole personality for reasons a lot of people know; I can be very rude and toxic at times. I am not making any excuses for myself, I understand I can be a cunt a lot, and I want to apologise here to everyone I may have offended or hurt with my words and actions. I promise I had no intention to make people feel bad with what I said/did and I am truly sorry. A lot of it comes from how I grew up and who I spent my time with growing up. I have, and still struggle with some mental health issues which I'm trying to improve on. Again, I want to say sorry to anyone who I may have hurt. Once I've sorted out my shit, I hope to join you all again in the near future. Have fun and stay safe, I will miss you all (: byeeee
  7. I would live how I live right now, just with a few upgrades and a more comfortable lifestyle (:
  8. i need something to watch what is everyone's favourite TV show?? (:
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