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  1. Name: yo1nkerr SteamID64: 76561199030734162 DiscordID: 600598598798934038 Server: Everything What was the reason for your ban/mute?: SCP: Staff Harassment Discord: Talking back to staff And a staff chat leak contributing to the bans. How long was the duration of the ban/mute?: Permanent Who were you banned/muted by?: SCP: Jason/Beese Discord: Lunch/Jason Why do you believe you should be unbanned/unmuted? I am making this appeal because I would love to come back into the amazing community that is Pantheon. I was banned around 5 months ago now for various reasons, but I now understand my most recent ban appeal was declined because of an image I had leaked from staff chat so first I am going to explain the context leading up to my actions. I am going to keep details minimal about the image itself for the privacy of the other people involved. One of the people in the image had not publicly shared their face however due to it not being censored I believed it was ok to share, however I was wrong. A few months after being banned from the discord, while in a vc in a different server, the image had been brought up and someone had requested to see it. I want to make it clear that in the image I sent, everyone whose face was not covered had publicly shown their faces within pantheon before, so when I sent the image, I thought everything would be fine. Obviously, as stated before, I was wrong, and one of the members in the photo was understandably upset and wasn’t ok with his face being public. I had only found this all out once my last ban appeal had already been declined. Now onto the SCP: SL ban, if you have read my last ban appeal you should know the whole situation on why I was banned from the SCP: SL servers and why the reason I was banned in my opinion was completely unfair. I am not going to go through the whole situation on that again because my view on the issue has not changed since my last appeal. If for some reason the staff didn’t watch back the clips on why I was banned, I would be more than happy to provide them through discord. There is also my G-Mod ban, which I was quite upset about because it was quite sudden and felt extremely biased, I was banned from the gmod events because of “RDM” and “troublemaking” which is false, I have screenshots (provided by some friends) that show messages of members (including staff members) admitting they RDM me without punishment and continued to do so. Now that I have explained all the situations, I would like to move on to why I should be unbanned. I have attempted to reach out to all the people in the photo to apologize, which I couldn’t because they had me blocked or because of their discord dm settings. I have also tried to do the same with Jason and Lunch because of everything that happened the day I was banned from discord but also unsuccessful. With issues surrounding the in-game drama, I would like to apologize to the managers for the way I handled things and for making it hard on them and the community. Because I couldn’t reach anyone through discord, I would like to apologize now to everyone in the photo, Jason, and Lunch but most of all, the whole community for anything that could have caused anger, harm or hatred to anyone, I am sincerely sorry. If up until now in reading this, you still believe I should be banned, I respect and understand that. Again, I am truly sorry, and that will be all. Thank you for reading. ~ yo1nkerr (:
  2. Name: yo1nkerr SteamID64: 76561199030734162 Server: All of Pantheon + AU Official Reason: Unwarranted provocation + toxicity towards staff member despite being warn before. You are not longer welcome in the community. Ban Duration: 50yrs Who were you banned by: Beese/Jason Why should I be unbanned: I want to start off by saying, some of the things I said would have been unnecessary which is completely my fault and I’m not saying this excuses me at all but some of you might no that I have a very very short temper. But now to why I should be unbanned. Throughout the night, me and a mate were playing SL trying to have some fun, and as usual I was trying to avoid beese so I wouldn’t get into any drama that night, but every time we would be near each other he would try and incite drama. To be completely honest I was mic-spamming a fair bit during spec chat and intermission but I never thought it was too bad and breaking the rules of mic-spam but I was still muted for 5 minutes, which doesn’t seem like a long time, but it’s kind of annoying. Throughout my mute beese would be saying things like L+Ratio which would just anger me even more. Later in the night someone told me to shut up (as a joke) and I said “toxic” (as a joke) and beese replied with “ironic” which was unnecessary and then I snapped and said “I find it funny that you’re like 18yrs old and you’re getting angry over a teenager on a game”, yes, this was completely unnecessary and I’m not excusing myself for it, this is one of the reasons I took some time to re-evaluate my actions before making an appeal. Again, during the games I personally don’t think I was being toxic at all, just my occasional sarcastic “you’re shit at the game” when I killed someone or when someone would complain about dying fast. Now from what I’ve been told, the real reason I was banned was because there is a clip of me calling beese a retard. I’m sure the staff have seen the clip and if you listen to it, I didn’t even say anything, what happened was, beese was talking over the intercoms and another player ran past (on top of the coms room) and said “cry about it retard”, 2 seconds later I walked in the room and that’s all that happened, I didn’t say a word. So considering that I was banned mainly because someone else called someone a retard, I think it is very unfair I was not only blamed for it but perm banned for it. If I am to be unbanned I will make sure to stay out of drama, be less toxic and avoid anyone I have conflict with. Thanks for reading. ~ yo1nkerr (:
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