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  1. Name: yo1nkerr SteamID64: 76561199030734162 Server: All of Pantheon + AU Official Reason: Unwarranted provocation + toxicity towards staff member despite being warn before. You are not longer welcome in the community. Ban Duration: 50yrs Who were you banned by: Beese/Jason Why should I be unbanned: I want to start off by saying, some of the things I said would have been unnecessary which is completely my fault and I’m not saying this excuses me at all but some of you might no that I have a very very short temper. But now to why I should be unbanned. Throughout the night, me and a mate were playing SL trying to have some fun, and as usual I was trying to avoid beese so I wouldn’t get into any drama that night, but every time we would be near each other he would try and incite drama. To be completely honest I was mic-spamming a fair bit during spec chat and intermission but I never thought it was too bad and breaking the rules of mic-spam but I was still muted for 5 minutes, which doesn’t seem like a long time, but it’s kind of annoying. Throughout my mute beese would be saying things like L+Ratio which would just anger me even more. Later in the night someone told me to shut up (as a joke) and I said “toxic” (as a joke) and beese replied with “ironic” which was unnecessary and then I snapped and said “I find it funny that you’re like 18yrs old and you’re getting angry over a teenager on a game”, yes, this was completely unnecessary and I’m not excusing myself for it, this is one of the reasons I took some time to re-evaluate my actions before making an appeal. Again, during the games I personally don’t think I was being toxic at all, just my occasional sarcastic “you’re shit at the game” when I killed someone or when someone would complain about dying fast. Now from what I’ve been told, the real reason I was banned was because there is a clip of me calling beese a retard. I’m sure the staff have seen the clip and if you listen to it, I didn’t even say anything, what happened was, beese was talking over the intercoms and another player ran past (on top of the coms room) and said “cry about it retard”, 2 seconds later I walked in the room and that’s all that happened, I didn’t say a word. So considering that I was banned mainly because someone else called someone a retard, I think it is very unfair I was not only blamed for it but perm banned for it. If I am to be unbanned I will make sure to stay out of drama, be less toxic and avoid anyone I have conflict with. Thanks for reading. ~ yo1nkerr (:
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