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  1. if you are colour bind how r u meant to cut the red wire and not go boom???
  2. 2 years ago...........
  3. chatgpt sounding ass, anyways my favourite game is john pork rapping simulator
  4. Mine is to enjoy life and to accept any opportunities to go places or try new things
  5. bro, once is funny twice is eh three times is like ok but putting it in the video submissions is just milking it the video isnt even funny anymore dude
  6. I had good year, lot fun. would do again maybe 👍
  7. your loved ones aren't real
  8. can we get much higher.mp3 bye Wilfred you will be missed
  9. Minecraft 2022.07.30 -
  10. SCP Secret Laboratory 2022.07.03 -
  11. SCP Secret Laboratory 2022.06.22 -
  12. Benza


    Garry's Mod 2022.06.25 -
  13. Benza


    Fortnite 2022.06.19 -
  14. I just want people's opinion on this
  15. oh no, anyways i did it regardless just wondering whether or not sky was gonna look at me through my own windows
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