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  1. Imagine...... JK lol, have a good rest/break from whatever, I hope you get well soon :D ~not_huubert
  2. Compilation of funny, cool, fails, and other types of moments I have stored in my pc, enjoy! Especially you comm staff giving them verdicts ;) 1) When enough ammo? enough ammo when.mp4 2) Medkits medkits.mp4 3) Questionable discussion questionable discussion.mp4 4) Door Stuck! door stuck.mp4 5) Everything brokey everything brokey.mp4 6) Panda Brokey brokey panda.mp4 7) Dude's got some nice aim got some nice aim.mp4 8) "No problem, anytime pal" wtf lol.mp4 9) This is what happens when you word your sentence in a bad way I may have made a verbal mistake.mp4 10) FOXIFY SPOTTED! FOXIFY SPOTTED.mp4 11) mods make Gyro feel not so good mods are aeugh.mp4
  3. Too much kissing for one apprentice boi
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