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  6. hi swackles this is copying my milkshake question :)
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    hi g4an i am back to lurk on the forums i think you should apply for mod as it would be very cool to be friends with a game moderator (that isnt fat)
  8. Name: mrperson SteamID64 (if applicable): 76561198183810505 DiscordID (if applicable): mrperson 💪#7738 or 222619425377878016 not sure which is which. Server: Pantheon discord server. What was the reason for your ban?: Advertising and past history. How long was the duration of the ban?: Perm? Who were you banned by?: Lunch (I'm not sure who actually did but from what people are saying it was Lunch) Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: Starting with the advertising. Lunch has spoken to me before about sending random people DMs of the server invite link and asking them to join and I have stopped now, only inviting friends to the server. Other people have spoken about my server in a Pantheon VC, saying they were going to join the VC in my server instead of the Pantheon one they were currently in. (don't remember the reason why) I was asleep 2 hours before this happened. Lunch still decided to get me in trouble for the advertising(?) of my server even though I had nothing to do with it. Apparently I was the only person that received a message for this and not the people that were actually there when it happened. Yesterday I invited one person to my server who is someone I talk to frequently and they were happy to join. Some of the other members of my server could be advertising to people but I would think they would tell me that they invited people and no one would be forcing anyone to join the server. I also do not tell any members of the server to just go around inviting people and to talk about it in text channels. What about all the other member servers shouldn't the owners of those servers and the people talking about them be banned? Banning me for my history is honestly fair enough as given my maturity isn't good and I joke around a lot but I must ask. Why not ban me earlier for it? Is it really bad enough for a ban? It seems like it was just tacked onto the Reasoning to make the ban seem more deserved. From what it seems this wasn't a fair reasoning. Lunch also doesn't have a good opinion of me. Which is perfectly okay but getting me in seemingly more trouble because of it is just stupid. I also don't believe I have said anything to break the rules. Other than a couple days ago when I was restricted for saying a word which I haven't said since. Also Lunch if you can't DM me get another Moderator or Manager to DM me the reason. Please can someone other than Lunch read this appeal as I feel it would be quite biased if Lunch was the person to answer it. Thanks MrPerson
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