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  1. how much of a discount do you get from kfc? i know at maccas they give you 50%
  2. my ex has 2 of them and she sends me vids of them, one of them just floats around while happy 10/10
  3. i read that they were critically endangered, did that make them really expensive/hard to find in a store?
  4. Update: Thinking of getting fish called Axolotls because i think they're pretty neat:
  5. that would be an amazing idea if i didnt have a dog
  6. that would actually be really cool ngl, they get pretty big tho and i dont think i have the space
  7. ship yourself in a small box, i want the meat to be tender and compact. i want it so that i have to remove some bones and slice some tendons to get you out of that box. i also want the box to be see-through
  8. depends, are you ok with being second-best to my dog?
  9. i would love a pet rock but i wouldn't get to spend enough time with it as i'll probably piff it at your ugly head
  10. now leave and never show your face to me again, begone before i change my mind and send this rooch, you , and all of humanity straight to hell i'll do it i swear to god
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