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  1. ; Name: Spirita SteamID64: 76561198271669565 Server: Pantheon Servers Ban Reason: Harrassment Ban Length: Unknown Banned by: Unknown Why should you be unbanned?: From the story start, I just joined in the server and became a teammate with this person whom said I was harassing him in which I didn't. I never harassed anyone, I didn't seek to harass him. I know I have a bad record with everyone in Pantheon, but this is genuinely unfair, I have doubts that this appeal would even work. From my understanding Harassment means to directly attack someone physically, if I was to do it mentally I didn't even do it to an extent that it can even be called a harassment. To the player, I apologize if it has become to an extent that you feel harassed and I am genuinely sorry for my mistake, I will not do it again and never will. I have low hopes on coming back to Pantheon because of the incident. And I know i'm in a really bad spot with the Pantheon staff team and i'm sorry, I know you can't put what I did in the past behind you but I hope you can. -Have a good one, Spirita.
  2. As I am just a poor 15 year old child I have hired the famous 44th president, Obama to read out my appeal to this wonderful community. Take a listen. I hope I can be unbanned from the discord server. banned_meme_2.3.mp4
  3. hi, spooky. i am graced by your presence but im struggling with one teeny weeny thing. are you up for the challenge? good how do i post on the forums please help im so stuck oh god no dads back please omh spooky pelase cscasdasdasdsad agfh
  4. i live and breath fornite fortnite is air therefore it is life
  5. Spirita


    XD thats a good one
  6. didn't know you well but from what i saw you were a cool guy. have a good one <3
  7. usually the awards are pretty biased. usually milk one indie game a year then focus on the triple AAA titles.
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