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  1. Just post whatever memes here...appropriate, of course.
  2. John Mulaney - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dbJHppgrHc - The One Thing You Can't Replace
  3. Ayo, hallo!! I hope you enjoy your stay here!! :DDD
  4. you're just on an IOU....don't worry, i'm sending people....
  5. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I am available for commissions. Here are the available prices, I've taken the liberty of doing the conversion between CAD and AUD since most of you use that currency. Commission prices: Sketches: Full Body: CAD $12 (AUD $12.80) Half Body (bust): CAD $7 (AUD $7.45) Head (PFP): CAD $3 (AUD $3.21) Flat Color: Full Body: CAD $25 (AUD $26.70) Half Body (bust): CAD $15 (AUD $16.00) Head (PFP): CAD $5 (AUD $5.35) All (Shading, Shining, ETC.): Full Body: CAD $35 (AUD $37.85) Half Body (bust): CAD $25 (AU
  6. shortest application acceptance time: 5 days
  7. Hidekane


    Caring about MY mods
  8. the boi can sleep in vc for all i care! buuuuurn!!!!
  9. do i see someone lonely, sleeping in vc again?
  10. Does anyone watch The Game Awards? idk, it's something I look forward to every November. It showcases upcoming games as well which I like to see.
  11. neither are you soooooooo :0
  12. My music taste is all over the place. I really like J-pop/K-pop but I also like pop, techno/electronic, and rap music as well. Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Set It Off, Pierce The Veil, One Republic, and grandson are really good (does....does this make me basic?) Vocaloid, Kikuo, and Masa songs are great. For techno/electronic music, Teminite, Panda Eyes, Shawn Wasabi, etc.. Here is a little snippet of all the songs from the different genres/artists if anyone is interested. Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea - Fall Out Boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rNIFQ8xl6o
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