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  1. Can we delete this topic?
  2. Interesting introduction. I r8 this 8/8. Game of the year
  3. Ah, Spooky A nice chill guy giving his introduction none the less. Amazing to play with Don't hesitate to throw some love at this guy. He deserves it every now and then. He is a really good person. OwO
  4. Welcome to the community! Enjoy getting to know these guys as they are extremely fun and friendly!
  5. I am sure some of you played with me, to others that don't know me, I am Invader Sploor, or Sploor. I am a huge Invader Zim fan My first name is Zak and I live in Victoria. I play a lot of games and I currently have a job at KFC (I don't like working there). I am pretty anxious, so I might hesitate to do stuff, even when playing online. But with a good community from Pantheon, I am slowly getting able to play online games without issues. I am always looking for friends to play games with. You guys helped me be able to find ways to play this game and I am happy to be a part of the community.
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