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  1. if you say salt and vinegar, you are blocked. mine is sour cream and chives
  2. My name is SwacklesKell, no one might know me, but i am the kell of kells of kiwis (according to my american friends), i play Destiny 2 constantly, i am autistic (Asperger's) and i love playing games and interacting with people. some people may not believe this, but i am positive and i try to keep things positive in the community. i am always trying to make new friends, so if you are lucky, i will say hi while i am studying. i also stream occasionally, but its boring
  3. i hate to do this, but im leaving the community. you guys helped me become confident, but im afraid im giving something bad in return. i may return in a few years, who knows
  4. Mine is the lovely Warden of Nothing, because of the nostalgia!
  5. I will be in NSW with my bf, playing games and drawing art. While teaching those special people my vast knowledge on how intelligent i am. how about you guys? Let me know down in the comments below. I am so interested to see what you guys say! as always, subscribe and please SMASH that like button. thank you
  6. Roblox is gae, so remove it. thank you. this post was sponsored by Logitar
  7. i dislike this already, its still happening
  8. I was once SolidSploor, but now i have made a change, like we all do, to... Swack, the name of my sona, also my online name for i dont know how long i will keep this name, but hello! My real name is Zakh, some people knew that, but i consider people cool, like you! I am 21 years old, i am a gaymer (gay gamer) and i frequent the use of my drawing tablet now. I may randomly join VC and draw from time to time, so join and have a chat with me! I work at KFC (ew) and i am thinking in taking courses for some things. I am so happy to be a part of this community and i hope i will stay in it forever!
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