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  1. i dislike this already, its still happening
  2. Mum, come pick me up please? im scared
  3. I was once SolidSploor, but now i have made a change, like we all do, to... Swack, the name of my sona, also my online name for i dont know how long i will keep this name, but hello! My real name is Zakh, some people knew that, but i consider people cool, like you! I am 21 years old, i am a gaymer (gay gamer) and i frequent the use of my drawing tablet now. I may randomly join VC and draw from time to time, so join and have a chat with me! I work at KFC (ew) and i am thinking in taking courses for some things. I am so happy to be a part of this community and i hope i will stay in it forever!
  4. welcome to the community handsome. have fun, and this serg will be happy!
  5. This one is simple; name an exotic weapon you like and why! I will begin My favourite exotic weapon is Outbreak Perfected, because the catalyst is so good!
  6. Gandalf? your name is Gandling... What?
  7. A random person has became a t-mod that easily? who are you?
  8. Welcome! please enjoy the community, we all love each other!
  9. think they are. their names are red after all
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