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  1. now its tied to SirSmonk and Free Lunch
  2. i dislike this already, its still happening
  3. Mum, come pick me up please? im scared
  4. I was once SolidSploor, but now i have made a change, like we all do, to... Swack, the name of my sona, also my online name for i dont know how long i will keep this name, but hello! My real name is Zakh, some people knew that, but i consider people cool, like you! I am 21 years old, i am a gaymer (gay gamer) and i frequent the use of my drawing tablet now. I may randomly join VC and draw from time to time, so join and have a chat with me! I work at KFC (ew) and i am thinking in taking courses for some things. I am so happy to be a part of this community and i hope i will stay in it forever!
  5. welcome to the community handsome. have fun, and this serg will be happy!
  6. This one is simple; name an exotic weapon you like and why! I will begin My favourite exotic weapon is Outbreak Perfected, because the catalyst is so good!
  7. Gandalf? your name is Gandling... What?
  8. A random person has became a t-mod that easily? who are you?
  9. Welcome! please enjoy the community, we all love each other!
  10. think they are. their names are red after all
  11. Yes of course I would hug it. its a cutie after all!
  12. hmm... interesting... okay
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