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  1. Actually I just finished a series called altered carbon. R18 though so no kiddies allowed
  2. is this a netflix and chill trap
  3. Spec CPU - Intel Core i7 7700k Kabylake 4.2GHz RAM - GeIL 32GB DDR4 Super luce black ( white led ) Motherboard - ASUS ROG Strix B250F Gaming LGA1151 ATX Graphics - Geforce GTX1080Ti Aorus 11GB Storage - Main Drive - Samsung 850 Evo series 500GB - WD 4TB 5400RPm X 5 ( yes i have 6 drives running ) Power Supply - Corsair 1000w 80plus gold modluar CPU Cooler - IceKimo 120 Liquid cooler
  4. Welcome Lumine-scent, I know of you. You have been awesome on our discord and also a good sport ingame as well. I hope you continue playing on our servers and conversing with others on discord.
  5. Welcome MizuSky, I am sure you will get use to the game in no time. IF you haven't already joined Discord i suggest you do. There are very active people on there always talking and i am sure you will fit right in.
  6. 1. Unreal Tournament 1999 2. Counter Strike 1.5 / 1.6 3. Day of Defeat 1.3 4. Frozen Throne Dota mod not the crappy stand alone
  7. Welcome RightBehindu, It is always nice to see new faces even though I know who you are. Regardless Welcome to the Pantheon Community Joker
  8. Hi all, Just realised that you just know me as Joker the Admin probably that's it. Haven't really introduced myself so better later then never My name is Joker a.k.a Jamie Born in Raised in New Zealand and lived most of my life there both in the North Island and the South. Recently Moved to Australia at the end of 2016. I live in Brisbane for the time being until i find something better until then this is home for me. Age is *^$$$%&& Occupation : Scaffolder / Roofer / Office worker / I.T / General Handy man I am from a family of 6 including my pops and ma Two older brothers and one younger sister which makes me child number Three. background is that i am from a very mixed family. Samoan Maori Chinese and European English. I can speak up to 4 languages but not always fluent as it is hard to come by people that speak the same language All in all im just a really chilled out guy who loves to game and socialize whether it be here or online. hope to see you all out there Joker
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