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  1. Accepted Hi Kuz, I will be accepting your appeal and unbanning you from the discord, however consider this as your last chance. We have had trouble with you in the past with other staff members so I must implore you to listen and to take heed to what they say, and please learn from this.
  2. Accepted We take porn links or any kind of sexual harassment very serious. You must remember that there are members of the community that are underage and therefore must up hold certain rules that we have put into place. If this occurs again you will be removed immediately. Your ban on our discord will be lifted. If you were banned on our servers then that will take some time so please be patient.
  3. Denied Pneumatic, Your past history does not just end at ear rape but other occasions where you have been racist and harassed other players. The fact that you changed your name and said a racist slur on purpose and said it not once but multiply times. This is evidence enough to find you guilty and is not fabricated in anyway. I suggest living out your three day ban for now and learn from it.
  4. Accepted We will be giving you the benefit of the doubt at this time. Make sure you read the rules in our discord server and be mindful of other players.
  5. Denied You were banned for harassing other players but also a minor which we do not take kindly. You were also given a final warning about this in the past and clearly didn't learnt from it.
  6. Joker

    Um yeah

    Denied You were banned for harassing a minor using explicit content which is not on. Wait out your 3 day ban and hopefully learn from it.
  7. Joker


    Denied The ban will stand due to your past rule breaking. Constantly mic spamming and harassing staff is the reason you were banned and the period should expire tomorrow. Learn from your mistakes.
  8. Denied You have already appealed a ban in the past which was accepted and clearly haven't learned from your mistakes.
  9. Denied You clearly know what you have done. Learn from it and move forward. Ban will stay
  10. Joker

    Ban Appeal

    Denied You know the reason why you were banned in the first place and have acknowledged them. The ban will stand. Learn from your mistakes.
  11. Denied We have found that all the reasons you were banned in the first place are correct therefore the ban will stand. However we are reducing the ban time to 14 days instead of 30.
  12. Joker

    ban appeal

    Accepted You're being unbanned as you've shown a good attitude towards the situation and have understood why you were banned.
  13. Denied Reason is mainly the disrespect that you have towards Server Staff. Live out your ban and learn from your mistakes.
  14. Joker

    Ban Appeal

    Denied Your ban was not over a day and the time period has expired.
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