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  1. im on maximum power saving mode which means im at 10% which means i can only use the bare basic apps and run at a very low cpu. Send help my charger is a slow charger after my fast one's wiring got exposed. Smh sad this is the fault of every marxist breathing down my neck Would appreciate some light epic entertainment for the time being xd
  2. Only manly anime like Fist of the North Star and JoJo. Uhhhhhh then we have shota stuff like Miss Caretaker Sunohara-san which is a guilty pleasure and only viewed for the big tiddy onee-san and nothing more
  3. I like directing neophytes toward this Youtube channel, it's quite condensed yet informative run-downs of iconic historical figures. I just watched this one on Rasputin, and my god the man is wack af. After him I might look into the Romanov family more because of his creepily tight ties to their family.
  4. I've only ever started getting interested in history, especially the European-centric sort last year. Learning of old wars and their iconic proponents is fascinating to me, and it's crazy how many brilliant strategists are still clear in the minds of many and forever immortalized in text like Napoleon. Royalty and political dynasties are also so much fun for me to learn about, particularly the Habsburgs (the interbreeding lot who sat at the throne of the Holy Roman Empire for ages) and the many wives of Henry VII. I wonder if anyone shares interest in this particularly subject. Do feel free to bring up nuggets of trivia -- I like learning something new everyday!
  5. She was referring to me rip
  6. You are so so fun to be around!!! Always so great talking to you in-game, and you're actually hilarious and radiate energy. See you around more my dude
  7. Hello stalkers

  8. not even a banner smh

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      Wow I will get that fixed :(((

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