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  1. Very amusing I like Edit: Just realized I used the wrong gif. There you go.
  2. A member who isn't even in the discord and probably doesn't check forums anymore will win?
  3. Tough choice, although ham is cute lunch is cool, idk who to pick
  4. I still don't see retired staff being in this.
  5. When are we getting best retired staff of pantheon?? I demand this.
  6. I suck at these but here we go My name's SpookySpazo, people call me Spooky for short, I've been with pantheon for a couple of months now and it's safe to say I love it here, the community is absolutely great and fun to socialise with, so don't feel afraid to talk to me if you see me in discord or in game! Overall I'm a very chill guy and I enjoy having fun playing alongside other people and overall making the game environment enjoyable for all as seeing other people having fun alongside myself always brings me happiness. Alongside this I try my best to be as helpful as possible so if you ever seem to have a question regarding the community or the game SCP:SL or maybe something completely different, I'm always free to answer it to the best of my ability! So there you have it, feels quite short but that's all I can really say about myself, see you around! Stay spooky :^)
  7. I've noticed the gifs take yonks to load, and I apologise for that completely.
  8. This is part 1 of 2 entries I'm going to do on this topic, the other one will be done on another day as I'm planning on covering quite a lot (that and my gif uploader is D Y I N G) Howdy everyone, I thought I'd finally give a shot at engaging with this forum other than replying to applications! So I thought where's a better start than to express my "favourite" episodes of a COUGH certain anime called C O U G H JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I've done an analysis on what has honestly excited me in certain episodes and I'm gonna be giving out my favourite picks throughout the most recent aired season Vento Aureo. There's going to be quite a simplicity to my selections, (my selections may differ from choosing recent episodes, then shooting all the way to almost the end of the anime) mainly covering only one thing I liked overall in the episode to keep it simple enough for me, and for whoever may be reading! So let's get started! (This also goes in no specific order, just based on which episodes I like!) (My analysis's may be half assed at some areas, but that's because this is quite a huge topic for me to go through, and I'm trying my best to keep it interesting) THERE ARE GOING TO BE OBVIOUS SPOILERS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED 1. Episode 1: Golden Wind Everyone usually doesn't choose the first episode as a favourite, but honestly this first episode was an incredible favourite of mine, when it came down to the animation and how the company (David Productions) had brought out a fantastic decent starting on the overall series, by bringing the manga to life. My key points in this would be the subtle unknowing on the reveal of the main character we're going to be following throughout the entire series. In certain frames at the start, you see them partially for certain segments of a time, at this point it's usually pretty obvious like "oh yeah this guy's the main character" in which you'd be absolutely correct! But in my eyes, I really like how it draws out the subtle suspense on who this person is and when they'll actually start being a main part of the anime. Eventually the main characters name is found out to be Giorno Giovanna, whom is the child of the well known Dio Brando. Unlike his father, Giorno is shown to have a dream of becoming a "Gang-Star". Which is the main objective of this main characters entire time in this anime. Rising the ranks in a well known gang in italy, known as "Passione". This gang's main motive is to keep the streets clean, monitor their area and retaliate any sort of threat that may stand in their way. Giorno's main motive throughout the anime is to overthrow the boss that runs the show behind the shadows, and to become the leader of the entirety of Passione, and eradicate drug trades completely from within it. As you may all know if you watch the series, up until part 3, the main motive of defense and attack are referenced around "Stands" which are the inner power of a persons soul, which is portrayed as a ghost-like entity, in which the user of it can control willingly, all stands come with different sets of attacks/abilities which are used to gain advantage in certain scenarios. (I won't go in-depth with this as it's honestly a difficult topic for me to cover). 2. Six Bullet's Appears, Part 1 This entire episode, is absolutely riveting because of one specific part.. One.. Small.. Part. Anyone who's watched it already, will know exactly why, anyone who hasn't is most likely confused on what I'm trying to get to here. Well.. The reason why this episode is absolutely amazing is because of a little thing called the Torture Dance. Some people may be asking. "What's the torture dance? I've never heard of it??" Well if you're a part of the JoJo community like myself, you'd know this day was coming one way or another, this specific dance has been a re-occurring meme that has made continuous laps around the community, and the day it got animated, was the day the community was truly alive and as happy as can be, this one scene, as small as it may be has always been something funny to us in the community, and that's why this episode in specific is a favourite, because of this one scene. The scene is portrayed in a dance to try and get answers out of this guy on who may be awaiting the team of gangsters on the island of Capri (At this point Giorno has joined the gang and met everyone, but I'm not going to introduce absolutely everyone as it'll take too much effort). It's short and sweet but a definite mention on this post. 3. The Thankful Dead, Part 1 & 2 The main reason I've chosen this scene is mainly because of the fight scenes and everything involving them in this episode, my favourite being Sticky Fingers against The Grateful Dead. The sheer intensity of this fight between both stands is what has made me choose this as a favourite in my selection of episodes I enjoy. The amount of fist rushes (especially the last one in episode 2 ) as shown in this episode is just pure enjoyment for the eyes of some people, mine included as it shows not only good animation, but keeps you on the edge of your seat (I'm unsure why, couldn't explain it if I tried) that keeps you thinking "Hooolyyy shiit this is mental". These custom gifs of snapshots of the episode are from me specifically as I can't seem to find any other sources of the specific moments. And lastly, we come to the part where Bruno absolutely annihilates Pesci in a fist rush of fury. (There's 2 parts to this post, this is where I'm going to end the first part here, until my gif uploader gets its act together, so stay tuned!)
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