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  1. BRASS MONKEY, THAT FUNKY MONKEY tumblr_qpmbk2N3Bz1z79y0q.mp4
  2. Sky captain and the world of tomorrow.
  3. i'd say it's something i'm good at, and that's keeping a normal sleep pattern y'know something most pantheon members can't seem to commit to
  4. Me and my friend "did a little trolling" on pantheons SCP servers at the time. When he told me someone by the name of gaffy reported both me and him for teaming. He said he reported it on the discord so I asked for a link then all of a sudden I was warped into the community and actually enjoyed spending my time there. After a while I decided to apply for mod and got accepted after my second try, the rest is history.
  5. Loving caring guy. Always fun to be around Probably just another scp mod. I do try to be lively at times and join in conversation or start my own in the discord. A disastrous being that can't keep himself in check.
  6. i think they're great, i shall keep this one and any application reply I make, they will see it, it shall bring me joy. this is the new meta.
  7. Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney :^)
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