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  1. To the community I have been with, G'day lads, I'm NGAUGE-PH though you can call me anything you like, formally announcing my "official" first day here in the pantheon community, oh and i'm from Philippines and i'm 18 y.o. - if you're wondering, also, i'm studying criminology as of now hoping to be a NTF Commander here lol jk, I would like to share my hobbies with you so you may know me reallyyyyy well! Mostly in the summer I partake in airsoft battle and in there my main "armament" is a sniper or specifically the Arctic Warfare Magnum AWM for short because sometimes "silence is more deadly" a tactic that I use irl and in-game when I play against the dog lol, also i like to photograph places, people, and memorable moments, and in-game I use the f12 to capture the memory while I play. Andddd i'm pretty sure you have seen me in-game playing in the server, mostly on the small server, sometimes gunning down d-class or the latter hehe, I myself can say that the pantheon community stands out from the most, it has it's own uniqueness to it, words cannot describe how many dead memes I have heard playing in the vc but i'm loving it. hoping to see us improve and our relationship prosper for now and the future, cheers to all! P.S. loving the community, NGAUGE-PH
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