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  1. Crab Game is a first-person multiplayer game where you compete in minigames against other players, until only one player is left to claim the grand cash prize. Crab Game has a similar atmosphere to Fall Guys, with a twist being that the minigames are based on common children's games. You can download the game from Steam for free at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1782210/.
  2. Accepted Hey Pyrex I will be removing the permanent ban. However, you will be given a 2 week ban instead. Alting is highly against our servers rules especially when using it to evade a punishment. Along with this your toxic attitude towards the staff member when he asked you to turn down the volume is something you should reflect on during the ban period.
  3. Accepted Hey Lime I will be accepting this appeal however I will be reducing it down to a 3d instead of 30d ban. The reason for this is due to the general attitude towards staff after you were asked to stop teaming, in which you insulted and tried to instigate others to insult the staff member. We get having a joke or meme round can be fun but when its preventing the game from ending and a staff requests it to end you should listen in the future.
  4. Declined Hey levin while the appeal itself does come off as genuine and does show that you may have matured or atleast reflected on some off your previous actions, we are not going to at this time accept this appeal due to the heinous actions which occurred both before the ban and also after the ban.
  5. Accepted Due to the seemingly genuine appeal and the understanding that some off your past behaviour was unacceptable I will be accepting this appeal. However you will be held to what you have said here and any deviation from such may result in the ban being applied again.
  6. Hey man, we have no ban logged under that Steam ID. Please ensure you are not using a VPN as the ip linked to that VPN may be causing the ban msg to appear. If you need anymore help feel free to msg me here or on the discord server.
  7. Accepted: Issue should be sorted out.
  8. Denied Hey Bungle, currently I will be declining this appeal due to the nature of the ban and the similar history of behaviour you exhibited beforehand. However this is not finial and provided a good appeal is made in the future the ban may be revoked. You may re-appeal in 3 weeks
  9. Denied The mute was correct due to your previous history. You have provided no reason why it should be reduced.
  10. Accepted. Well this appeal is rather shit, the perm ban at the time was partly due to bots being down. However this behaviour should not continue in the future.
  11. Accepted In the future please refrain from naming yourself like a bot as afk scripts are something we take seriously.
  12. Accepted Hey man, ban should be reverted in a few mins. Feel free to dm me if the bot auto bans you again and I will sort it out.
  13. Denied The mute was correctly issued due to your continued behaviour in game and I see no reason why it should be removed.
  14. Denied Due to the nature of your offense being against TOS you will not be being unbanned. Your action completely violates discords TOS and it occurred within our server, so the appropriate action was taken. Do not re-appeal this ban.
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