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  1. Game bad but if enough steam cards are gifted to me as a bribe sure
  2. Not a question, stinky head
  3. Mum and Dad were considering getting seperated but they went on holiday and got pregnant with me after.
  4. I was not staff after 2018 so the crimes and whatever stuff happened in 2019 or whenever else are unknown to me in full detail. Peakus was an SL moderator in 2018 and I believe 2019 also. His reputation comes form his heavy involvement and engagement with the community and his unique personality. Some found him funny, some found him annoying and rude, I found him on the doorstep. I believe he publicly said he got bored of SL or moderating SL eventually, but there was probably some butting heads and pushing lines somewhere along the way.
  5. Ovens are called ovens because of the word's origins as a description for a hollowed-out, hot cooking chamber. The word comes from a variety of languages, but is most influenced by Latin and Proto-Germanic roots.
  6. I have not kept exact track but based on big intervals I'd say at least $200 but no more than $300. It's possible for me to calculate the exact amount using my purchase history, but that is effort so no promises.
  7. Hello, I am Carpo. The Boomer of Pantheon that refuses to leave. In the ever going quest to boot my ego, I have decided to start a cringe Ask Me Anything until I forget about it or choose to ignore your questions. I've been here since 2018 and while I'm not as active or involved as I used to be, I believe myself to be the longest running member with the most consistent activity. While there are a few old faces that still linger about time to time, I think I'm in a unique position to maybe offer useful information. Or maybe I will give lame answers and we can use this to start memeing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For context, I was Secret Laboratory moderator, one of the first discord staff, and eventually SL admin until I retired in late 2018. I'm bored, so feel free to ask me anything* about Pantheon, its games, how specific things have changed or whatever else you think of.
  8. Saw this cool SCP game Downloaded it literally no public servers, have to email devs for servers several weeks later, update happens and servers exist played on only aus server join discord a day later
  9. well, ain't that a kick in the head.
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