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  1. you should apply for mod
  2. no Koz, you made something beautiful, even if it was only for a sort while, it was worth it as it brought laughter to those that love you.
  3. >got SCP >no public servers >when public servers became a thing, Pantheon was big, joined, played, and the story goes from there.
  4. I would like more of this good art please
  5. welcome, have fun and ask any questions you have o/
  6. It adds birthdays on the calendar already if you give your birthday. so you can easily monitor it, just need the people.
  7. Carpo


    Welcome Tak, the Pantheon community is happy to have you hit any of us up in discord if you need help, and have as much fun with others as possible
  8. Welcome to Pantheon o/ make sure to ask any questions you have.
  9. 1. Star wars KotOR (1 and 2) 2. Gods Will Be Watching 3. Fallout New Vegas 4. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Classic)