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  1. Accept the dark embrace of flatness
  2. Carpo


    why did the duck cross the road? to get grapes from the lemonade stand and then he waddled away waddle waddle
  3. I volunteer to take all donation money in atomics name
  4. I like most history. its hard for me to pick a specific period I enjoy most
  5. Minecraft costs money. find a free game
  6. not even a banner smh

    1. Pochama


      Wow I will get that fixed :(((

  7. I dislike country, most rap/hip hop, I'm okay with pretty much anything else but enjoy listening to alternative rock and pop rock.
  8. Only if the can only be seen by staff, if its public, it could create problems.
  9. you should apply for mod
  10. no Koz, you made something beautiful, even if it was only for a sort while, it was worth it as it brought laughter to those that love you.
  11. >got SCP >no public servers >when public servers became a thing, Pantheon was big, joined, played, and the story goes from there.
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