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  1. Saw this cool SCP game Downloaded it literally no public servers, have to email devs for servers several weeks later, update happens and servers exist played on only aus server join discord a day later
  2. well, ain't that a kick in the head.
  3. What better way to tell youth about the past then sharing some old images without any initial context. Maybe we'll see more.
  4. Logo and Banner competition: I sleep Reward of custom discord role: Real Shit
  5. How does one define the difference between a burger and a sandwich?
  6. Carpo

    Donator Jackbox Night


  7. Article Three, Chapter two, subsection IX Pantheon stuff that fail to employ healthy life choices in the course of fulfilling their duties will be removed to ensure that they are in a safe and healthy environment.
  8. As your Duck God, I have been slighted. I demand to be fed with worthy sacrifices. feed me now or be consumed.
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