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  1. should 100% use wacom tablet for osu
  2. There is a discord server for a reason, much quicker then posting on the forums.
  3. remember guys, the giveaway is paid for by illegal money laundering. don't enter giveaway!!!!
  4. neiguex really just resurrected the boomer post lol
  5. I cant believe so many people watch dubbed, this is very shameful. yes im a weeb Good Comedy: Konosuba Bunny Girl Senpai Daily Life of High School Boys Love is war Dark Fantasy-ish: Tokyo Ghoul Re:Zero rem waifu Steins Gate Parasyte Demon Slayer Sword Art Online Misc: K-on Violet Evergarden Haganai Darling in the Franxx
  6. I ski good, snow go brrrrrr I play music big piano nerd, completed grade 8 last year along with grade 5 theory. and no fuck amus diploma not going through hell again im big 1.7m asian man and most importantly i farm peakus in mordhau
  7. The update broke the game and servers are dying lots, devs are working on the problem currently and should be fixed next patch
  8. Granted but it has bad transmission and breaks down every time you start it up I wish for mordhau to be as popular as it was at launch
  9. Thats not bread you old duck, go back to retirement home smh. Raisin Bread Gang
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