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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. Pretty simple game, whoever is the person above you assume something about them. Could be anything at all. For example: "(The person) above Is secretly a gorilla and has a body pillow of SCP-106." first person to comment will assume something about me since there is no one above me except the forum itself. The forums likes bananas and hates chimps hehehe.
  2. Name food (a dish) or a drink. The person replies with "yum!" or "yuck!" based on if they like said food/dish/drink or not. Should also clarify that you gotta add yours after your verdict so the next person can answer! Let's do it! Spaghetti Bolognese
  3. Time for our first forum game! Guess About The Next Poster! Make your guess about who will post next in the topic! One sentence only. Don't drag on for too long. Keep it SFW. You don't know who the next poster is. That's the catch! Just guess! Have fun! Here's an example: Alright I'll start it off! The next poster likes to wear cargo shorts!
  4. Hey cuties, time for a new cheeky forum game. How this one works is simple, I'll name a song title at the bottom of this post and the next person who replies must name a song title that transfers at least one of the words from the previous title. i.e Lorem: Sunny Nights (LeRoyce) Ipsum: Nights (Frank Ocean) Septum: Malibu Nights (LANY) and so on.... I reckon it'd be best to try and reply with a song you enjoy but that may be difficult so don't be afraid to search for a song. Also you don't have to put the author name in but it's a nice detail. The added bonus is that if this thread remains alive for 3 months, I'll post a face reveal on discord for you qties cos I'm a madlad. To get this started I'll go with: Time & Place (Last Dinosaurs)
  5. Name a movie that's the next one alphabetically from the one before. Example: Easy enough? Let's get started! Aladdin
  6. Hey guys, It has occurred to the staff, including myself that apart from apps, we don't really have much else to actually DO on the forums. Let's change that shall we? I'll be starting a "series" if you will, called Cheeky Forum Games. They'll be silly little games you can play on the forums if you ever feel like you could do more with the community and interact with your fellow man/woman/jellyfish. Follow the rules of the game, everyone will have a grand old time. Simple really. Of course, they aren't "original" ideas, I won't claim that but I do feel like the Pantheon Community could take some of these forum games and put our own flavour on it. So let's do it There is a catch, however. They never END! (unless done so by staff) Every couple of days, I'll put another game up! Feel free to join in! If you want to search for them in particular, CFG or Cheeky Forum Games is what tags I'll be using. WARNING: This is not going to be copyrighted by me and it's my idea don't steal lolz. Ok? If you got something you want to add to the community, do so! List your thoughts and ideas below. I don't have to execute them. If you want to make it a part of the same bundle of Cheeky Forum Games, then just tag 'em appropriately like I've done here! Thanks guys! Have fun!
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