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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. How are you all! You've probably seen me on the SCP:SL server under the same name. No, I am not a female. C.A.S.S.I.E is an acronym for Central Automatic System for Internal Emergencies. You may have heard me play lines in-game from C.A.S.S.I.E (and some custom ones) from me Anyway. Pleasure to meetcha
  2. Hello for those who don't know me I'm Jaylink, I am an epic gamer and I love to have fun in games and just generally relax by playing them. Which is why I hate nuts. Now I decided to do one of these things for the like 3 people who don't know me (You should I'm an epic gamer.) and let them know a little about me. I have two dogs, Derick and Darrell, they're both dipshits and I love them. I usually play Destiny 2 or SCP:SL on pantheon server 1 so if you're playing these I might see you in game. I feel like I come across as rude to most people (mainly because of discord messages) but I really am just joking around unfortunately on computers/phones it's hard to tell the difference between a joke and a serious comment. If I ever say something maybe slightly offensive please don't take it to heart because I don't mean to be... well, mean most of the time. Now I have a few policies about how I speak and act #1 I'll only say something to you if I am willing to say it to your face. #2 treat people the way you wish to be treated. And yeah that about does it I hope anyone who doesn't know me finds this informative and I'll see you sometime in game.
  3. Hello everyone. My name is Bunnings Snag and you'll mainly see me around on Server 1 and 2, and sometimes official. I've been playing for a bit and talk on the discord every now and then. Anyway if you ever wanna talk hmu and we can. Cya guys around o/
  4. Hi all, Just realised that you just know me as Joker the Admin probably that's it. Haven't really introduced myself so better later then never My name is Joker a.k.a Jamie Born in Raised in New Zealand and lived most of my life there both in the North Island and the South. Recently Moved to Australia at the end of 2016. I live in Brisbane for the time being until i find something better until then this is home for me. Age is *^$$$%&& Occupation : Scaffolder / Roofer / Office worker / I.T / General Handy man I am from a family of 6 including my pops and ma Two older brothers and one younger sister which makes me child number Three. background is that i am from a very mixed family. Samoan Maori Chinese and European English. I can speak up to 4 languages but not always fluent as it is hard to come by people that speak the same language All in all im just a really chilled out guy who loves to game and socialize whether it be here or online. hope to see you all out there Joker
  5. Guest


    Hey my name is Dawns Redemption, Most people just call me Dawns. Im a 24 year old avid gamer love games of all sorts, currently studying to do In Home Nursing so I dont have as much time as I normally do but im always down for a game of whatever. I figured after 450 hours on Pantheon it might be time to do one of these lol. Im not real good at these kinda things but im working on getting out and getting to know people more. If im online/playing some game you play feel free to message me here or the discord idm. I am always down to play some games with friends. Thanks for reading my rambling Dawns
  6. Waste of Aer in both game and the discord. Been using Pantheon servers any time I play, maybe you've seen me maybe you haven't. Enjoyed the community, so I thought I'd try this out as well
  7. SUPER SHINY Hey there y'all! I go by the name Pearlescent or Luminescent. Some of you may have seen me in-game or on the Discord. I live in Indonesia and I'm going to turn 15 this year (hoorah!). I've loved online gaming ever since I played my first online game (cough minecraft cough) and over the years I've developed a love for small but growing tightly-knit communities like the Pantheon family. You guys seem like a really nice and welcome bunch, and I'd very much like to be a part of the cheerfulness that you all share with each other. My first experience with the Pantheon community was when I was looking for low-ping SCP:SL servers that I could play in. Over time the server location has moved, and now I'm getting unexplained 300 ping (might be the underwater cabling setup's fault) but by then I'm no longer staying for the ping, but for the community and all the fun and laughter I get while playing together with the community. That being said, I hope that with this introduction post you all get to know me better, and I hope to see you in Discord and in our Secret Laboratory! Best Regards, Lumine-scent P.S. please reply to this post it helps my self esteem P.S.S. my little brother sometimes uses my account to play SL as well so if you see a silent me in-game do assume it's not me.
  8. Hello, i'm a fan of SCP:SL and i like reading scp documents and incident reports. I hope i get to know some of you and enjoy my time with the Pantheon community!
  9. Hello, I'm Jordan I am a staff member here on Pantheon Community if you need any help with anything either PM me on: forums, steam or in-game. Jordan T
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