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Found 5 results

  1. Heya, so I have seen a number of people asking in the Discord and being curious as to how the Pantheon Community came to be. I've decided it would be good to make an official post about the origins of Pantheon to give to give all of our members a deeper insight into how this community started, and how we expanded and grew. In order for me to explain what sparked my interest to start Pantheon, I need to provide a bit of context to the long-term friendship of myself and Cas. We initially had met through running mutual Garry's Mod DarkRP servers throughout the years of 2014-2015. After a period of time both our communities eventually shut down due to various reasons, for me personally just the stress and time dedication required to maintain an active playerbase and provide regular new content. A considerable amount of time later, I approached Cas about potentially starting up a community together and basing our servers once again around Garry's Mod. He was interested in working with me. Now the actual story of Pantheon begins, so both of us began working on a server each, I worked on a GMod TTT server (which still exists and is used for events), and Cas worked on a DarkRP server. Around this time, in October 2016 Cas got me involved with a Discord server called Pantheon Gaming, which was a Discord centred around playing Rocket League competitively with friends. I never personally took great interest in the game but we had planned to branch out our servers with this group, so I was inclined to be apart of it. The group leaders consisted of Cas, myself, and eXratchet (Ratchet deperated around 5 months later). After multiple months of development our DarkRP and TTT servers were released around mid 2017. Both these servers tracked okay over the time they were operated and we managed to build up a decent playerbase for the DarkRP server. Generally we found that our server didn't reach the potential of other servers due to us taking a different approach to an RP server. After a number of months, our bills to continue operating the servers was becoming overwhelming and for quite some time monthly costs were taken out of pocket due to very little donations at the time. Around this time we were considering closing down the servers. With me having a decent background knowledge of the SCP Universe I proposed to Cas the idea of working on an SCP-RP server. Cas had no idea what the SCP Universe was until I had given him a general rundown. The reason for looking into this gamemode was because no Australian servers were hosted for it. For a month or so we began planning up how the server would operate, what lore, jobs and systems we were going to incorporate to make it a unique server to play on. Cas was even working on a custom map at the time, but working on maps is an extremely lengthy process, so we knew that the server wouldn't be released for a while. Over the development cycle of the SCP-RP server, I stumbled across the game SCP: Secret Labatory in early January 2018, the game had similar characteristics to, and was inspired by the Garry's Mod gamemode Breach. Public AUS servers were non-existent at this time and due to there being so few public servers, it was impossible to find a free slot available (20 player capped servers). Taking a heavy interest in the game we stopped the development of the SCP-RP server and Pantheon started up the first ever public Australian hosted servers. This is where Pantheon's true growth began, over several months we gained a large following and began to form our community. Hosting 10+ servers which were typically always full we became the biggest international community for the game. Through our dedicated donators, staff and players we were able to maintain and expand our community into countless other games. SCP:SL was definitely our main growth factor, however Pantheon also grew through events, competitions, community content, and the unique characters in the Discord that made Pantheon feel like a wholesome family. It truly has been a great journey in Pantheon and so many memories and friendships have been formed within it. Although this post is a rather personal perspective of this journey, I hope it has answered your questions.
  2. What better way to tell youth about the past then sharing some old images without any initial context. Maybe we'll see more.
  3. the first series. "this isn't my idea" - x3j50 Created by Koz.
  4. On SCP: SL Pantheon doesn't just have up to 6 servers anymore there is now up too 10 more recommend you update the servers tab
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