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What is your Favourite game and why?

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It isn't humanly possible to pick one favourite so I'll list mine.

Call of duty: (bo1,bo2, and bo3 zombies others stinky)
Escapist 1 & 2
Dead By Daylight
Minecraft and Terraria
Dying Light
Papers Please
Far Cry 5
Super Mario 64

All of these games have amazing memories I'll cherish, the majority of them playing with my friends.

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I like to play this epic game called DCS its is very epic and you can fly planes. The game is pretty much a flight simulator, DCS (digital combat simulator) is a game where you can fly planes with operational cockpits and operate guns and missiles. You are set with the task to take off from your designated airport go to the enemy location and do whatever the task is. You can choose whatever mission you want and can fly with others but most of the online multiplayer servers are in Russia. Recommend it to anyone who likes simulation games or planes in general plus its free but do be warned the game is 73 GB 

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