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What's your favourite Programming language and what kinda stuff do you like doing/coding?

I'm personally learning C# and I'm planning to make a conversation with a console command.

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JavaScript, Java and Python.

Learning JavaScript to create bots, one which is getting popular atm (260+ Discord Servers and 140000+ members).
Created self-made database systems for two of my other bots (One is private, and the other one is public).
I can say myself that I am pretty good at discord bot development, however I usually don't have the time or motivation to continue working on some of my bots (Especially when discord stops one of your bots from working). I am willing to get paid to create custom bots for people.

Learning Java for Minecraft plugins. Currently developing a private plugin for personal use. Not really knowledgable in Java but I am trying my best here.

Learning Python for school. Aced my last assessment (98/100) where I had to create a GUI program. I personally don't like using Python, however I am not terrible at it and it is easier than other languages such as Java,



JavaScript > Python > Java

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