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Discord Ban Appeal


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Discord: Henmeister-.#0001

Discord ID: 684537359798108182

Why was i banned verbal and racial abuse towards staff  

Why I should be unbanned

Hello everyone reading this discord ban appeal . Firstly i would like to say that i have waited the 4 week wait when i first appealed . Secondly looking back at my behaviour and now thinking about it i just feel disgusted with myself . I seriously don't understand why i said this and it was not right!, I have grown up a lot from when i have said that and yes it was wrong thing to do. Pantheon is full of such nice people and the community is just absolutely amazing and those people in that vc did nothing, I completly deserved the ban and now after me thinking about it and waiting 6 weeks, i feel i have grown up a lot and feel ready to submit an appeal . Honestly the person that banned me from the discord (Lochie) is such a great guy and i have met him in game and have even escaped as a scientist with him . He didn't deserve to hear that language come out of my mouth in the discord and vc and deeply sorry .  I


I have honestly enjoyed playing scp on the pantheon servers and have met so many friends on that server. Now i wanna appeal this discord ban so i can try and meet those friends that i met on SCP on the discord. Pantheon is such a great community and you guys have the full right to deny this ban (I completly understand the reasons) When i said those words i was immature and i feel like i have grown up a lot .

Kind Regards

Henmeister or better known as Barry on the SCP server 

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I've accepted your appeal, but please refrain from further behaviour like that in the future as it will result in a permanent ban without appeal.

Please wait a couple hours for the unban to process however.


edit: Should be unbanned now.

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